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Update: It's now official, CBS has revived Magnum P.I. for two more seasons that will be comprised of 10 episodes each. 

Last month CBS confirmed it was canceling its Magnum P.I. reboot after four seasons. But the hope of a fifth season may not be entirely lost as Deadline reports that NBC (with some help from USA Network) is looking to revive the show. 

According to the trade, an arrangement is still being hashed out, but one scenario could see new episodes air on NBC, while USA Network would run previous seasons of the shows. No final agreement has been reached as of yet, so there is still a very real possibility that this incarnation of Magnum P.I. has solved his last case, but the current signs are promising. 

This reboot of the classic 1980s series saw the eponymous role made famous by Tom Selleck passed on to Jay Hernandez. Like the original series, the action-drama show follows the adventures of Thomas Magnum (Hernandez), a former Navy SEAL turned private investigator. Each episode sees him using his military skills to solve crimes across Hawaii. To date, this modern-day spin on the show has run for 76 episodes across four seasons. 

CBS’ decision to cancel the show came as quite an unexpected shock back in May. But co-production company Universal Television immediately rushed to find Magnum P.I. a new home. While USA Network and NBC have emerged as the most likely destination for the show's revival, streaming service Paramount Plus was reportedly also in discussions at one stage. 

Negotiations are said to be at an advanced stage, but there are still plenty of behind-the-scenes details to be sorted. There is also a degree of time pressure on these conversations as the show’s cast is only contracted until June 30. After this point, cast members would be free to seek other roles that could create scheduling conflicts if the show does ultimately get revived. 

While creatives and cast members often tout their shows to other networks and services in the wake of a cancelation, a show actually being revived after termination is surprisingly rare. 

A few high profiles examples in recent years include Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving to NBC after being canned by Fox, as well as mystery drama Manifest being picked up by Netflix after its axing by NBC. However, TV history is littered with significantly more shows that couldn’t find a new home despite plenty of fan pleading. 

Fingers crossed Magnum P.I. is one of the rare exceptions that find itself a new home. The show certainty has strong enough ratings to suggest that a season five is warranted, and it seems that NBC/USA Network are keen to get the deal over the line.  

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