The Wheel of Time episode 6 recap and review: Solid world building despite a lack of action

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The Wheel of Time episode 6 sees the party reunite, while also showing off some of the White Tower politics. There are quite a few changes from the book in this episode, but it’s a solid performer (even if it lacks action). The show's world building is also improving as we learn more about the games that Aes Sedai play.

Moiraine is the star of episode 6, which was great as Rosamund Pike is continuing to nail the performance. But the rest of the cast do an excellent job, too.

So, let's dive into the latest chapter of Amazon Prime Video's The Wheel of Time adaptation (and check out our The Wheel of Time episode 5 recap and review to catch up, if you haven't).

The Wheel of Time episode 6 recap: The Amyrlin Seat

Episode 6 centered around the relationship between Moiraine and Siuan Sanche (Sophie Okenedo). Siuan is the Amyrlin Seat, leader of the Aes Sedai and the most powerful woman in the world. The episode began with Siuan’s humble roots. She was a poor fisherman’s daughter whose ability to channel led to disaster for her and her father.

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Back in the present, Logain was brought before the Amyrlin Seat for his trial. He tried to goad the Aes Sedai into killing him, insulting their power and control. But the women of the White Tower were not so easily moved by this display, and Logain was sentenced to live out the rest of his days under the care of the Tower.

Following that, the Amyrlin Seat turned to the three leaders of the party who gentled Logain: Liandrin, Moiraine and Alanna. Liandrin manipulated the situation to shift all attention to Moiraine, who had been gone from the Tower for two years. Then, Moiraine prostrated herself, refusing to tell the Amyrlin Seat what she’d been doing all this time. 

After this reprimand and the promise of full punishment the next day, Moiraine headed out into Tar Valon. Lan had found Rand, Mat and Nynaeve. Moiraine walked into their room, where Rand tries to defend a very sick Mat. Realizing that the sickness was something more sinister, Moiraine used the Power to pull the black goo out of Mat and funneled it into the dagger that he took from Shadar Logoth in episode 2.

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Moiraine also found Perrin and Egwene, who had made it to the city after escaping the Whitecloaks in the last episode. Egwene gave the Aes Sedai the rings she stole from the Valda and told Moiraine about Perrin’s golden eyes. Moiraine seemed concerned about this, instructing Egwene to tell no one. She then headed back to the Tower.

That night, Moiraine used the hanging picture on the wall in her room, travelling to a place far away to meet Siuan. The two have an intimate relationship and the harshness earlier was all for show. Moiraine and Siuan have been working together in secret for the last 20 years to find the Dragon Reborn, knowing full well that if the other Aes Sedai found out, they’d be severely punished.

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Moiraine’s superior in the Blue Ajah had told her that Moiraine would be confined to the Tower. In order to keep with her mission, Moiraine concluded that Siuan needed to banish her from the Tower if she was ever going to succeed in guiding the Dragon Reborn (the identity of whom she still doesn’t know).

The following day, Moiraine was officially exiled from the Tower, but she’d already set plans in motion. She met the Emond’s Fielders, Loial (the Ogier Rand met in the last episode) and Lan at a structure out in the middle of nowhere. It was a Waygate, a portal into an alternate realm called the Ways. 

The Emond’s Fielders had a joyous reunion, but it was short-lived. Moiraine channeled to activate the gate, telling them they need to follow her to the Eye of the World to meet their destiny. But as they all walked through, they realized that Mat hadn’t followed. He watched them as the gate closed, making no move to catch up.

The Wheel of Time episode 6 review: An episode about politics and relationships

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This episode featured a lot of changes from the book, and while it didn't seem to matter that we saw   the White Tower politics early on, the other differences were more questionable. For example, Moiraine swearing a new oath on the Oath Road (an artifact that uses the One Power to bind people to their oaths) made no sense. Aes Sedai already cannot lie, meaning that if Moiraine spoke and believed a promise that she’d never return to the Tower, she’d be forced to obey it.

In the books, Moiraine and Siuan clearly had a relationship off page, and I’m totally OK with the show taking the liberty and outright showing the intimate connection between them. However, I don’t know how this affects their relationships with other characters much later in the series.

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The Wheel of Time’s acting performances are absolutely stellar and episode 6 is no different. Sophie’s portrayal of Siuan Sanche was perfect. She captured the woman’s fierceness and her intelligence and I honestly can’t wait to see more from Siuan in the future just so that we can watch Sophie perform again.

I loved the set design with the Hall of the Tower, where Moiraine is judged. The intricacy of the architecture really impressed me, including the Amyrlin Seat itself — the throne and the woman who sits on it confusingly share the same name.

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This is a dialogue-heavy episode, but I suspect the action will pick back up in episode 7. But I think I should address the elephant in the room: Barney Harris’ departure from the show. The actor who plays Mat suddenly left production after filming episode 6 for unknown reasons. For all intents and purposes, the man has gone completely dark. So the production team did the only thing they could do and cut Mat from the first season.

Mat will be played by Dónal Finn next season, so we’ll get more of the character. But now I’m left wondering how he’ll reunite with his friends. 

The Wheel of Time episode 6 outlook

I love The Wheel of Time books more than any other series, but I like a lot of the changes we’ve seen thus far. If I’m being honest, it’s like re-experiencing Robert Jordan’s work through a new lens (or new turning of the Wheel, if you will). I’m ecstatic to watch and rewatch each new episode, wondering what’s coming next.

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Episode 6 had a lot of information to process, but it ultimately laid the groundwork for more White Tower politics later on. Trust me, we’ll see a lot more of the Aes Sedai, like it or not.

Episode 7 airs on December 17 and The Wheel of Time’s first season wraps up on Christmas Eve. We have a lot of ground to cover in two hours, so buckle in and get ready.

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