MacBook Pro 16-inch owners are reporting MagSafe charging and external monitor problems

MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 sitting on a patio table
(Image credit: Future)

A few issues with brand new hardware is often to be expected, and it appears that Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro isn’t immune to this phenomenon. Two separate issues have been reported, affecting the MacBook Pro’s ability to charge when completely shut down and reliably use external monitors.

The charging issue was first reported on Reddit with an accompanying video. When completely shut down, the MagSafe charger flashes orange to indicate it’s not charging correctly, which obviously isn’t ideal if you don’t notice and come back to find a still-drained laptop.

Apparently Apple is aware of the problem and currently investigating, but it has some suggestions as to what affected users can do in the meantime: charge while the laptop is in sleep mode, charge the MacBook Pro with the lid open or, oddly, connect the MagSafe cable before shutting the computer down. Other users in the thread have reported that charging over USB-C also works.

The external monitor issue is less likely to ruin your day, but could still prove irritating. Apple Insider reports that for a number of users — including a number of its own commenters — external screens attached to the new MacBook Pro aren’t always waking up after the laptop’s lid is opened and closed. It’s not clear if this is just an issue for the new M1 Macs or whether it’s an issue related to macOS Monterey.

While both of these issues are undoubtedly irritating, they pale in comparison to problems that some owners of the original M1 MacBook Air and Pro laptops have faced. Enough users found their screens had cracked without warning when shut that two separate class-action lawsuits have been launched

Next to the costly price of a screen replacement, having to plug a monitor back in or charging via USB-C for a while doesn’t feel all that dramatic, but hopefully a fix for both issues will be on the way shortly all the same. At the very least, there are three new displays reportedly in the works for 2022, one being a Pro XDR unit with potentially custom silicon built in.

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