The best Dolby Atmos soundbar just got a 22-carat gold makeover

Devialet Dione on studio background
(Image credit: Devialet)

French high-end audio specialist Devialet has unveiled an Opéra de Paris version of its powerful Dione soundbar. Finished in white with a 22-carat moon gold central plate, the new edition is said to be inspired by the gilded interiors and iconic style of the Paris Opéra Garnier. 

The luxury finish is available now priced at $2,900 / £2,400 through the Devialet website and specialist audio retailers. 

Devialet Dione soundbar in gold

(Image credit: Devialet)

Even finished in standard black, we already thought that the Devialet Dione was one of the most eye-catching designs we'd seen, but the new collectors' edition finish makes it even more a beauty while packing in the same powerful 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos audio support and amazing movie and music sound. 

The Devialet Dione continues to be the top-ranking model in our best Dolby Atmos soundbars, and it's fair to say that even at the $2,399 / £1,990 / AU$3,999 starting price, this is the ultimate soundbar aimed squarely at the luxury TV speaker market — it features as one of the high-end recommendations in our best gifts for music lovers

Devialet Dione in gold

(Image credit: Devialet)

In our Devialet Dione review we loved the fact that this soundbar managed to bring a little of the high-end company's customary design drama to the world of do-it-all, add-on TV speakers. 

Give the Dione a full-on, action-packed Dolby Atmos soundtrack to deal with, the Dione is a dynamic, expansive and quite nuanced listen. For a soundbar that goes without the low-frequency reinforcement of a partnering subwoofer, the straightforward amount of bass it’s able to produce really is quite remarkable. 

‘Punch’ and ‘rumble’ are both available, and are of an order of magnitude that eludes all but the most accomplished of the Devialet’s rivals. Width and height soundstage elements are deeply effective, which all adds up to a must-hear soundbar if you happen to have deep pockets and are looking for one of the best-sounding and most elegant Dolby Atmos soundbar solutions on the market right now.

The Devialet Dione Opéra de Paris is available worldwide.

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