The Apple VR/AR headset we can actually afford was just tipped for 2025

apple mixed reality headset render
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Update: Apple AR/VR headset just tipped for January launch — and it could be $2,000.

The Apple VR/AR headset is rumored to be coming soon, but the one most of us could afford may be further away, a new blog post by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims.

Apple's first AR/VR headset is rumored to arrive in early 2023. It may also have already been demonstrated to Apple's board members, which is another sign that it's close to launching. However, this particular headset is expected to be a very pricey $2,000-$3,000 device intended for professionals and enthusiasts. 

Most of us will want to look out for the second-gen Apple headset, which Kuo claims will arrive in 2025 in two flavors. One will be an update of the original headset, while the other will be a new cheaper version.

Kuo's blog also offers plenty of other details about which manufacturers Apple's dealing with for these future headsets, and for which components. He also predicted that Apple could sell 10 million of these headsets by 2026.

Kuo doesn't provide any detail on the differences between the two types of headset. We’d suspect the cheaper headset would need substantially lower-powered specs in order to knock the price down to a more affordable point though.

As for what you'll be able to do with these headsets, the rumor mill has claimed they'll offer exterior sensors to track your hands and body. However, Apple isn't intending for users to use the device for long periods, or to explore the so-called "metaverse." We'll likely see productivity and design apps be the focus, as we've also heard that Apple may not initially prioritize gaming for its headset.

Keep an eye out during Apple's usual fall product announcements for any headset-related news, but otherwise mark your calendar for January, the earliest possible time Apple could announce its first dedicated AR/VR device.

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