Tesla Cybertruck looks enormous in latest spy video

tesla cybertruck rear bed without cover
(Image credit: Tesla)

Update: Cybertruck sales appear to have been suspended in Europe and Asia, meaning only North Americans can place a new order right now

Tesla's hotly-anticipated Cybertruck has once again broken cover ahead of its expected 2023 sale window. This time we get to see the bed cover, plus another angle revealing just how bizarre the truck’s design truly is.

Like so many Tesla leaks of late, this one comes via a drone pilot that has taken to flying over the company's Fremont factory. Doing just that has already given us rare glimpses of the electric truck, and a new video posted to YouTube shows a prototype Cybertruck parked beside a Model S and Model 3.

The Cybertruck's proximity to the other two cars, which we already know the size of, gives us a feel for the sheer scale of this thing: it dwarfs the Model S, which is already pretty long. Of course this is an aerial shot, and perspectives could be playing tricks on us, but it still hints at the Cybertruck's huge dimensions.

In terms of that bed, it looks pretty standard despite being covered in some sort of dust or sand. It's the first time that the bed cover has been seen publicly, so it's a real shame that we can't really see that much of it. We do know that Tesla has a patent for putting solar panels onto that bed, although it isn't immediately clear whether that's what we are looking at here.

This video is just the latest to pop up in recent weeks and it isn't even the one that gives us the best look at the Cybertruck. That came last month, when a video appeared online that showed us a full walk-around of the EV — although there was no sound.

We got to see such things as wing mirrors, which haven't always been there, as well as that giant single windshield wiper. We're still not sure about that one, but Musk seems pretty clear that he knows what he's doing.

We can expect to see more of the Cybertruck in the coming months and hopefully more images of that bed cover will surface, too. If Tesla is to ship these things next year, which is the current plan, then it’ll get harder and harder to keep the Cybertruck under wraps.