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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie release date, plot and latest news

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie release date, trailer, plot and more
(Image credit: Lucasfilm/Patty Jenkins/Twitter)

We've gone without a Star Wars movie for a while, but Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is coming to bring the force back to the big screen. And not only does it have a release date, but Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman 1984, Monster) is at the helm to forge new ground in the galaxy far, far away. 

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron's plot will likely prompt a lot of debate, as Disney and Jenkins are going to mix some elements the Extended Universe books and video games with a lot of new material. The official Lucasfilm announcement reveals that "The story will introduce a new generation of starfighter pilots as they earn their wings and risk their lives in a boundary-pushing, high-speed thrill-ride, and move the saga into the future era of the galaxy."

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was announced at the 2020 Disney Investors Day event by Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. This isn't even the sole Star Wars movie that's under way, as Kennedy also revealed an untitled Taika Waititi-helmed Star Wars project is in the works.

Latest Star Wars: Rogue Squadron news (updated July 22)

  • Director Patty Jenkins told the AP that Rogue Squadron bring the source material to a "new age," and that it's important to "honor" the books and games that it shares its name with.
  • Matthew Robinson (Love and Monsters) is writing the script for Rogue Squadron.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie release date

We're gonna have to wait a while, so don't strap into your X-Wing too soon. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has a release date of December 22, 2023

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron crew

Of course, Patty Jenkins is directing Rogue Squadron, and in June 2021 we learned that Matthew Jenkins will write the film, though Disney did not confirm that Variety report. Jenkins' past work includes Love and Monsters and The Invention of Lying.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie trailer speculation

We do not have an trailer, and it's going to be a very long while before we get one, considering the series' late 2023 release. Expect something to arrive during the spring or summer of 2023, and not earlier.

but director Patty Jenkins provided a bit of footage to get us all excited for her entry into the Star Wars universe, with this clip that was used for the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron announcement:

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie plot

If you were thinking Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was going to just adapt the video game and books of the of the same name, think again. But don't worry. 

Patty Jenkins told IGN that "we're doing something original with great influence from the games and the books ... There's a lot of things being acknowledged and understood about the greatness of all of those things, but yes, it's an original story and I'm so psyched to do it." She echoed that to the AP, saying that the film will "honor" the books and games that came before, but also that "it must be brought to a new age, because we have to tell a new story with it."

So, we may expect the film to reference the work of Wedge Antilles, who created the elite group of pilots who were the original Rogue Squadron (which Luke Skywalker captained). The Rogue Squadron books were a part of the Star Wars Extended Universe, which was basically erased, when it was announced that "In order to give maximum creative freedom to the filmmakers and also preserve an element of surprise and discovery for the audience, Star Wars Episodes VII-IX will not tell the same story told in the post-Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe."

In that same announcement, the folks behind Star Wars left the door open for this kind of movie, stating "Creators of new Star Wars entertainment have full access to the rich content of the Expanded Universe," which is how Jenkins will be able to make reference to what is necessary, without being completely tied to the books. 

The film may also serve as the jumping off point for the post-Skywalker Saga era, as Jenkins told THR that "I’m so excited about the story and excited that we’re the next chapter of Star Wars, which is such a responsibility and such an opportunity to really start some new things. It’s really exciting in that way."

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