Squid Game season 2 is coming — but not for a long time

Screenshot from Squid Game showing a character holding honeycomb candy
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After becoming Netflix’s most-watched show of all time, the arrival of Squid Game season 2 is only a matter of time. But it looks like we might be waiting a little longer than expected before returning to the world of deadly playground games and men in pink jumpsuits. 

In a recent interview with Variety, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, was unsurprisingly asked about the future of the hit series. He revealed that he’s just finished writing his latest project, a feature adaptation of Umberto Eco’s novel Killing Old People, and is now planning to return home to South Korea and begin the process of writing Squid Game season 2. 

The news that Squid Game season 2 isn't even written yet will surely come as a disappointment to viewers. Dong-hyuk suggests that if everything goes to schedule, the plan is to have the show’s sophomore season streaming on Netflix by the end of 2024. Of course, there is always a possibility that production will hit a snag along the way and the timeline will need to be revised.  

Squid Game was a colossal hit for Netflix when it landed on the streaming service in September 2021. It racked up more than 142 million viewing hours in its first 28 days, quickly surpassing the likes of Stranger Things and Bridgerton to become Netflix’s biggest hit ever.

The violent thriller series follows a group of desperate people competing in deadly versions of classic children’s games in an effort to win a large cash prize. The first season also ended on a dramatic cliff hanger. No spoilers here, in case you’re one of the few Netflix subscribers yet to watch Squid Game, but clearly there are still stories to tell in this world. 

While viewers may be clamouring for more, expect Dong-hyuk to take his time when writing Squid Game season 2, after all he certainly knows the value of being patient. The original idea for the show came to Dong-hyuk in 2009, but he wasn’t able to successfully pitch it to Netflix until 2016 and it took a further five years for it to finally launch on the streaming service. Let’s just hope that season 2 doesn’t take quite as long to see the light of day. 

So, it looks like the wait for Squid Game season 2 isn’t going to be a short one, but in the meantime there are plenty of shows to tide you over, including Alice in Borderlands, another hit Netflix series that also involves simple games with a deadly twist.

Rory Mellon
Entertainment Editor (UK)

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