Sonos is making new overhead speakers — but you won't find them in any store

The Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers in a kitchen.
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Move over Sonos Era 300, there's a new speaker coming to the lineup of the best Sonos speakers. Unfortunately, however, finding them is going to be a challenge: According to a press release sent to Tom's Guide, the new 8-inch in-ceiling speakers will only be available through installers.

The good news is that, surprisingly, the speakers actually aren't all that expensive at $999 per pair and are reasonably well-specc'd. 

To that point, Sonos says they'll come with a custom-built, enlarged woofer and high-excursion motor for "a smooth midrange" and a 30mm tweeter. The speakers go as low as 32Hz, which is nice if you don't plan on adding a sub to your kitchen or other living space, and, when paired with a Sonos Amp, can utilize Sonos' TruePlay EQ calibration algorithm. They're also designed and tuned in collaboration with Sonance, a company that specializes in in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

If the 8-inch speakers are a little too large for your space, Sonos also makes a 6-inch model that has the same aesthetics and can be paired together.

In-ceilings are a nice — but costly — addition to any setup

If you can afford them — and power them — then in-ceiling speakers are great parts of any home theater setup.

As I discovered in a recent THX Home Theater Installer training course, though, they're kind of the icing on the cake to a good speaker system. Your front three channels carry most of the main responsibility for replicating true-to-like sound, while the rears and overheads supplement with important audio cues. Basically, invest first and foremost in your front speakers, then use whatever's left in the budget for your rears and overheads.

As anyone who's ever built a home theater setup knows, costs add up quickly and importantly, the Sonos' speakers are passive, which means they'll need an amp to power them. Sonos makes a pretty solid amp that works wonders with the rest of the ecosystem, but don't feel it's your only option if you want something more affordable.

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