Screen time challenge — unplug for 24 hours, get $2,400

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Plug in, turn on, and then...turn off again for 24-hours., the popular expert reviews site, has issued a 24-hour detox challenge to tech enthusiasts across the world. If you can quit your favorite tech for a whole 24 hours, then you could be in with a chance of winning over two grand. 

The company’s challenge comes at a time when global remote working setups mean we are spending more time in front of the screen than ever, especially with offices closing down, and university students forced to learn from their bedrooms. 

According to the website, the budding digital detoxer must be someone who is daily glued to their technology and up for the challenge, while the website asks if you’ve always “wanted to win reality competitions like American Ninja Warrior, but you’ve been too busy trying to beat Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat instead?” If this sounds all too familiar, then this digital detox could be for you.

“If you’ve got the desire to ditch your devices for a day but still need to get paid, this is the perfect opportunity for you,” explains the company, where those who think they can quit their tech cold turkey are urged to apply.

If your application is successful, then the 24-hour technology ban extends to more than just your best phones: PS5, Xbox Series X, your favorite and best TV, even your smart home devices — all must be stopped in the name of detoxification.

The challengers will be given a $200 Amazon gift card to pull together a "survival kit", which forgoes any tech while they'll be given a safe to stow any electronics for the 24-hours.

The chosen contestants will have to review their survival kits, including what they picked to help abstain from tech for 24-hours, plus deliver an intense evaluation of the overall experience. All in the name of the “2021 Digital Detox Challenger” title.

Luke Wilson

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