Samsung’s two iPad Pro killers just leaked — here’s the specs and prices

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus will look like this
(Image credit: OnLeaks and Pigtou)

Samsung could have a pair of secret tablets to take on Apple’s iPad Pro 2020, according to sources that tipped off Gizmodo

Two Samsung tablets codenamed “ Palette” look ready to throw down with  Apple’s iPads. Gizmodo claims to have seen documents that detail “Palette 1 “ and “Palette 2” Samsung slates. It’s unknown if these tablets are the Galaxy Tab S7 or completely new models, but there is a heavy emphasis on "computer-like" features.

The first Palette is set to be a bigger and more responsive tablet than previous Galaxy Tabs and will be “computer like”, which presumably means it will have a keyboard accessory, and will sport an improved S Pen, a 90Hz refresh-rate display, options for 4G and 5G cellular connectivity,  and a price that ranges between £629 and £799 ($784 and $996). 

The Palette 2 will be an improved version of the first tablet, offering a 120Hz display and a larger screen size than the Palette 1. It will be available in WiFi and 5G variants proceed at £799 and £999 ($784 and $1,245) respectively. 

Both tablets therefore come with a specification and price tags that put them firmly in the high-end tablet arena dominated by the iPad Pro series. Apple has very little true competition in the tablet arena. But these alleged high-end tablets could at least see its iPad Pro tablets face some form of challenge. 

Samsung’s Palette tablets are also being aimed at being laptop replacements, which could suggest they will be Windows 10 machines, as Chrome OS and Android tablets lack the compatibility and tablet app ecosystem to pull double-duty as laptop replacement devices. 

It will also be interesting to see how Samsung would plan to position its tablets as alternatives to laptops. Apple has been trying to do this with the iPad Pros for a few years, and while it’s gotten closer with the latest iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard, it’s arguably still fallen short. 

So Samsung will need to pull something special out of the hat with its upcoming tablets. The new tablets are expected to be revealed on August 5 alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and the Galaxy Watch 3. That’s an already fairly crowded launch if the rumors are to be believed, so it would be interesting to see if Samsung throws a pair of tablets into the mix or waits to reveal them at a later date. 

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