Reacher season 2: Everything we know so far

Alan Ritchson (as Jack Reacher), Martin Roach (as Picard) in a diner in an episode of Prime Video's Reacher
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Maybe he was born under a bad sign because Jack Reacher is about to be in a whole other world of trouble in Reacher season 2.

The former military policeman from Lee Childs’ acclaimed novels made the jump from the page to streaming courtesy of Amazon and Titans star Alan Ritchson when Reacher debuted on Prime Video in February 2022. Based on the award-winning 1997 book Killing Floor, the action-packed crime thriller widely received praise from fans and critics alike. In fact, the series was so well received that a second season was given the green light within days of the premiere.

With Reacher’s next mission on the books, fans are likely looking to be briefed on the details. Luckily, they won’t have to wait very long to catch up with the roaming badass as his next adventure is just on the horizon. And in an effort to be as prepared as possible, we have collected everything we know so far about Reacher season 2.

Jack Reacher season 2 release date window

Reacher season 2 is definitely on the way, though the exact release date hasn't been announced.

In an interview with Collider, Amazon Studios Head of Television Vernon Sanders revealed that the next chapter of Jack Reacher’s story will premiere by the end of 2023. 

Then, as part of a sizzle reel with other highly-anticipated releases that dropped on Prime Day, the streamer got more specific and revealed that the new season would premiere in December. Unfortunately, a more specific release date has yet to be made available. 

However, if you’re typically someone that likes to ring in the holidays with John McClane and Die Hard, the new season of Reacher should be the perfect pairing for the festivities. 

Reacher season 2 cast

Alan Ritchson standing outside

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Reacher season 2 will star Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, the titular protagonist who is a former U.S. Army military policeman.

Since the main character is a self-proclaimed hobo that tends to wander around quite a fair bit, the new season of Reacher will mostly feature a plethora of fresh faces. Along with Ritchson, Maria Sten will be back as former colleague Frances Neagley. But beyond that, the cast is completely new. 

The returning cast members will be joined by series regulars Shaun Sipos as David O’Donnell, Serinda Swan as Karla Dixo and Ferdinand Kingsley as A.M. Previously, Rory Cochrane of Empire Records, Dazed and Confused, and CSI: Miami fame was lined up to play Shane Langston, but he exited the project due to a scheduling conflict and left the door open for the Terminator 2: Judgment Day" star Robert Patrick to take his place. 

Additionally, the series has lined up an impressive list of guest stars as well:

  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Guy Russo
  • Luke Bilyk as Calvin Franz
  • Dean McKenzie as Stan Lowery
  • Edsson Morales as Manuel Orozco
  • Andrés Collantes  as Jorge Sanchez
  • Shannon Kook as Tony Swan
  • Ty Olsson as Saropian 
  • Josh Blacker as Hortense Fields
  • Al Sapienza as Marsh

Jack Reacher season 2 plot and season 1 ending explained

An image indicating spoilers are ahead.

When we last left Reacher, he was framed for murder and embroiled in a widespread conspiracy in the town of Margrave, Georgia. Even though Ritchson previously played the DC Comics hero Hawk, he manages to use Batman-like deductive reasoning and combat skills as this character to untangle the web of crooked cops, corrupt politicians, and widespread murders including a prominent business owner/counterfeiter, members of his operation, and Reacher’s own brother. 

In the end, after he exposes Kliner Jr as the mastermind behind the operation and gets revenge for his brother’s death, Reacher sets the Kliner factories (and KJ himself) on fire and goes out in a literal blaze of glory before hitchhiking out of town.

As for Reacher season 2, it will be based on the eleventh book in Childs’ Reacher series, Bad Luck and Trouble. Though adaptations do have a tendency to deviate from the source material a bit, such as jumping from the first to the eleventh chapter of a character’s tale, this novel serves as an interesting foundation for the next season of the Prime Video hit series. 

The story will see Reacher caught up in a plot that involves ex-military personnel (many of whom are his old friends) being hunted down one by one and killed. Based on the casting information, Reacher has quite a list of friends to avenge, so we should expect more of the explosive action that we’ve come to know and love from the show. 

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