PS5 will be unveiled in March, says one key leak we all ignored

PS5 Godfall
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Now that Microsoft has revealed its hand and shown off its specs for the Xbox Series X, all eyes turn to the PS5. Diehard PlayStation hands are practically frothing at the mouth with impatience, as Sony cancelled its attendance at big, reveal-worthy events like Game Developers Conference, potentially pushing the console reveal date back even further. 

However, was this the plan all along, to whip PlayStation fans up into a state of frenzy? It certainly could have been. Back in January, one leaker claimed he knew better than almost everyone else, who were reporting that Sony would time its reveal to take advantage of the seventh anniversary of the PS4 unveiling.

Twitter leakster PSErebus stuck to their guns all through February. In a Tweet sent on January 31, they insisted the PS5 reveal would take place in March at a time in which all the other pundits thought it would take place this month, and pre-orders would open soon after. 

Now we're coming to the end of the month and that rumoured February 29 reveal date seems increasingly unlikely, We're betting PSErebus is feeling pretty smug about themselves right now. Check out the Tweet in full below:

If PS5 pre-orders are set to open soon, we'll need a full reveal by then. Some websites already have mailing lists set up in which gamers can officially register their interest in pre-ordering, so the wheels are in motion. 

However, with Xbox Series X currently dominating the news cycle, Sony needs to reveal the console soon. If they're still planning a date at NYC's Sony Hall as previously rumoured, March 2, 25, 27 and 30 are all closed for private events. Could one of these dates be the hotly-rumoured reveal, or will Sony opt for a date in the centre of the month at an as-yet-unannounced venue? 


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Is Sony running scared? Unlikely. We already know the PS5 is set to have a modular solid-state drive, ray-tracing capabilities, a framerate capacity to outdo the Xbox Series X and support for 8K graphics. The big question marks are around features like backwards compatibility and whether the PS5 will have a service to match Microsoft's new "smart delivery", which allows you to buy a game once and enjoy it on multiple platforms. 

If Sony is waiting until one of those dates at the tail-end of March to drop a payload of PS5 news, it risks gamer's hunger turning to anger at the lack of information being disclosed by Sony. A PS5 reveal needs something – anything – soon, even a date on Twitter with the hashtag #PS5, to stop any impending apathy around the launch.

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  • Jo12danJames
    Hard for ps5 to take advantage of that "240" fps you state as giving them an advantage over xbox when most TVs on the market are 60hz. Even if you do have 120 hz television you're considered lucky by today's standards. 240 well you're probably gaming on a pc at that point.