PS5 DualSense controller will get this surprise upgrade

ps5 controller
(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5's DualSense controller will have its own software updates, but no buttons on its back.

We've learnt this from the DualSense page on the PlayStation website (via IGN and Push Square), which gives a basic rundown of all of the new controller's features.

Evidence of the updates can be found if you scroll to the bottom of the page, where Sony advises that users keep their consoles and controllers updated to the latest version.

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Unlike the PS4 itself, the DualShock 4 controller never had its own updates to download. But Sony has promised new immersive features for the DualSense like detailed haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. These functions will likely need updates in order to continue working effectively over the console's life.

On the same page, there's a 360-degree view of the DualSense, which shows a completely plain back when it spins around.

DualSense controller

(Image credit: PlayStation)

It's perhaps surprising for Sony not to add anything to the back of the DualSense. It released the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment for the PS4's controller towards the end of 2019, which plugs into the micro-USB port on the bottom of the controller to offer two extra triggers. This won't work with a DualSense since it uses a USB-C port instead, but perhaps there will be an updated version of this accessory in the near future. 

It will be November most likely before we see the PS5 (and the Xbox Series X too) go on sale. There are continuing announcements from both companies though, with Sony's State of Play event taking place today, so we'll have plenty more news to chew over very soon.

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