Oppo just showed how the iPhone of 2021 could look

Oppo prototype phone no ports
(Image credit: Cnbeta.com)

You are looking at what the ideal iPhone may become in 2021. A phone with no ports whatsoever, no camera pinholes, no pop-up cameras, and no notches — all gorgeous display. But it’s not made by Apple. It’s made by Oppo.

According to the Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release an iPhone with no ports in 2021. And while it will probably not have the same aesthetic, it may be something very similar to what Oppo has showed today in China. A device that will only charge wirelessly, output sound using Bluetooth, and transfer data exclusively using Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity. A 100% wireless experience.

As reported by Chinese site CNBeta, Oppo’s new prototype is the most refined and advanced expression of the candy bar smartphone that currently dominates the market despite the recent internet success of the foldable Motorola Razr. Not only it doesn’t use any ports, but it has no visible selfie cameras. 

(Image credit: CNBeta)

According to CNBeta, the phone features an under-display camera — a technology that Oppo already demonstrated this summer (you can see it in action in the video above). The company admits that it’s not perfect yet, though. It aims to iron the current kinks over the next few years.

Xiaomi is also in the race to put a phone that is all screen with a similar underdisplay camera. However, the Chinese company hasn’t shown any zero-port concept yet.

Other companies have demonstrated zero-port phones: the $1,300 Meizu Zero, which didn’t have any ports or buttons, and the Apex 2019, made by Vivo. None of those phones went beyond the experimental stage, though.

Jesus Diaz

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