Odin's beard! Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zeus photo teases possible Super Bowl ad

Arnold Schwarzenegger speak on stage during the Digital X event on September 07, 2021 in Cologne, Germany
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the fitness legend that he is, once had the body of a Greek god (don't take that as an insult, Arnie, we just don't know if you still do). And that's what makes his latest social media post seem all the weirder — and smell like a stunt for the upcoming Super Bowl 2022 event.

Yes, folks, we're in that bizarre April Fool's-esque period of time as more and more celebrities take a dip in the giant money-filled pool of big-budget ads. And while the photo that Arnie shared online isn't explicitly a Super Bowl ad, it sure smells like one. Check it out for yourself:

Now, by all means, this could be a movie. Nobody is going to say that Arnie cannot portray the god of the sky. But to us? Well, it reeks of a tease for an ad for some product.

That's because the only words to appear on the poster — other than "Zeus" and "Arnold Schwarzenegger" — are "February 2022." And if February 2022 is tied to anything, it's connected to the Super Bowl. 

Sure, this could also be tied to something for Valentine's Day, but wouldn't that be using Eros, the Greek god of love, instead?

Analysis: The kind of Super Bowl ad we think Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zeus poster is tied to

Okay, let's reverse engineer possible answers for this. Zeus is the Greek god of the sky. That means we're probably working with something in the air, or a project that uses wireless technology. 

Immediately, this makes me think about an airline or two, looking to make you the god of the sky. That said, it could also easily be an ad for a drone, imagine Arnie as Zeus learning how to fly a tiny unmanned aerial vehicle. Sounds funny, right? But we're not sure about that.

Arnie's son Joseph Baena commented, saying "Oh god of the sky, please bless my pump today)." This made me think it's tied to fitness. And then the next piece of the puzzle makes that all the more possible.

As our sister-site CinemaBlend points out, Arnie isn't the only one in on this gimmick. Ralf Moeller, a German actor and former competitive bodybuilder, has shared a very similar poster online, but with himself as Poseidon.

Same poster design. Same "February 2022." Interesting, huh?

One comment left on Moeller's photo suggests that this feels like the promotion for a mobile game — which seems all too likely and too disappointing at the same time. 

But, since the two posters seem to be positioning former fitness gurus as strong as ever, we've landed on our most logical guess: this is going to be an ad for some kind of fitness product. Either a gym or home gym would make total sense, right?

Anyways, stay tuned for the big game, and check our our cord-cutter's guide to watching the Super Bowl if you've cut the cord. And be sure to see all the best Super Bowl TV deals to maximize the experience. 

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