New Google AI feature reportedly coming to Galaxy S24 series — here’s what we know

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With less than a week to go until the likely reveal of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung would surely hope for fewer leaks. However, a recent reveal has shown off more information, including one interesting new feature. 

Samsung has been heavily pushing the AI power of the next Galaxy smartphone series, especially the camera. This supposedly means that the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be unsurpassed regarding on-device photo editing. A recently mentioned feature from a since-deleted X post by known tipster Evan Bless might help cement this position. 

According to a report from 9to5 Google, “Circle to Search” is a new Google-powered feature for the Galaxy S24 series. According to the report, the feature is described as being able to search any image, video, or text on the screen. This is done by circling, highlighting, scribbling and even tapping the thing you're interested in, there is no need to screenshot anything.

The actual post is somewhat brief regarding how it works, but the speculation is this is a new form of Google Lens. But instead of having to capture the photo yourself with a screenshot, you can engage it at any time directly from the source you're viewing on-screen.

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There is currently no information about how the feature will be accessed to activate, but the S-pen will likely feature in some capacity. There is also no information on whether the feature will be available across the range or locked to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung wants to push the AI capabilities of the phones, as well as a closer potential connection with Google’s software. We have heard recently that the Galaxy S24 could offer users the chance to swap AI assistance with Google’s Bard, or ChatGPT, as well as a wealth of new features for the phones. 

We have heard a lot about what the phones could be capable of over the last few months. The Galaxy S24 has been reported to be able to translate during calls, as well as organize notes and scribbles. However, the big push has been for the camera. Supposedly Samsung Gauss, which was the reported name for the AI system, will allow users to delete elements in a photo or video at the touch of a button as well as upgrade the quality of both.

Circle to Search is an interesting feature, and will certainly make using the phone somewhat easier to use. The next few days will prove if Samsung’s push for AI will play out regarding sales. We will only know for certain when the phone is released and we have a chance to see the numbers and test the phones for ourselves.

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