New Aliens game unveiled for PS5 and Xbox Series X — here’s what we know

Aliens: Fireteam feature image
(Image credit: Cold Iron Studios)

Aliens: Fireteam, a new co-op shooter set in the iconic sci-fi world of the Alien films, has just been announced for a summer 2021 release. 

The news comes by way of IGN, which reports that the game has been under development at Cold Iron Studios since at least 2018 and is due for release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. There's no exact release date at this time.

Taking inspiration from the second film in the franchise, Cold Iron Studios’ co-founder Craig Zinkevich said, “one of the goals of Aliens: Fireteam is to fulfill the 'Cameron-esque' fantasy we saw on screen in the 1986 classic Aliens."

The game appears to be very much in the mold of online co-op shooters such as Left 4 Dead, and will task teams of three players to complete various missions while trying to survive against 11 different types of Xenomorphs. Also contending with other enemies including Facehuggers and Synthetics along the way. 

Players will be able to pick from one of five solider classes: Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc, and Recon. Plus there will be further customization options allowing you to deck your colonial marine out in different outfits, some of which could well cost real-world money.

Other details relayed by IGN include that the game will have a Challenge Card system, essentially modifiers that can be applied to tweak the game, as well as higher difficulties that will make enemies more aggressive and resources more limited.

So far all we’ve got to look at is an initial teaser trailer, but a longer gameplay video has been promised for this coming Thursday (March 4) so fans won’t have to wait long to see Aliens: Fireteam in action.

Rory Mellon
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