Netflix updates My List with long-requested features — picking what to watch is about to get easier

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Netflix is upgrading its My List feature in an effort to make it easier for users to sort through their bookmarked TV shows and movies and find something new to watch. 

Starting Monday (May 22), Netflix users will have the ability to filter their watchlists into numerous categories. For starters, you can sort by content type, opting to see just the TV shows or the movies in your list. You can also select new filters including “Started” and “Haven’t Started” alongside opting to view your list in the order content was added. Plus, you can view your list in alphabetical order or have it ranked by release date. 

If you’re constantly adding to your list, these new filter options will make sorting through all the TV shows and movies you swore you’d get around to watching significantly easier. Being able to filter My List should also help with Netflix’s decision-paralysis problem because sometimes too much choice is overwhelming. 

Another small, but useful upgrade, is the ability to swipe directly on a title card to remove something from your watchlist. Until now, users have had to visit the individual landing page of each TV show or movie to find the option to remove it from their list, but this process has now been streamlined thanks to this update.

Another small, but useful upgrade, is the ability to swipe directly on a title card to remove something from your watchlist.

This update is rolling out first on Android, with a Netflix spokesperson telling The Verge that it will arrive on iOS over “the next few weeks.” Unfortunately, there is no confirmation yet if these useful new features will make their way over to the various Netflix apps in other places like Smart TVs and video game consoles. However, let’s hope in time, they appear just about wherever you can watch Netflix. 

My List was first launched in 2013 and it allows Netflix subscribers to curate their own watchlist by bookmarking shows and movies to watch at a later date. However, until now, the available options for browsing your list were virtually non-existent beyond scrolling through it in its entirety. 

Fortunately, this update should make managing your watchlist a whole lot easier, allowing you to spend more time actually watching Netflix content and less time aimlessly scrolling through the platform's vast content library.

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