Netflix cancelation spree continues with the loss of two completed movies

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Netflix’s decision to renew a single show doesn’t change the fact it’s rather cancel-happy these days. Unfortunately the streaming service has now pulled an HBO Max, cancelling two movies that were already completed — leaving their futures in limbo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has cast aside two movies: The Inheritance and House/Wife. The two movies are complete, but will not be distributed through Netflix. But unlike Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt, which HBO Max canceled as tax write-offs, this duo can still be shopped around elsewhere.

The Inheritance was directed by Alejandro Brugés, and follows the 75th birthday of billionaire Charles Abernathy. Certain that someone is out to kill him, he enlists his four children to keep him alive until dawn the following day — or else they will lose their inheritance.

The movie is written by Joe Russo and Chris Lamont, and stars Bob Gunton (The Shawshank Redemption), Peyton List (Cobra Kai), Austin Stowell (Bridge of Spies), Briana Middleton (The Tender Bar), David Walton (Bad Moms) and Rachel Nichols (Continuum).

House/Wife, directed by Danis Goulet, follows a mother recovering from a terrible accident — and moves into a prototype smart home with her family. I think we can see where this is going, and it turns out the AI behind the scenes is up to no good. 

The movie was written by Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen, and stars Alice Braga (The Suicide Squad), Kris Holden-Reid (Umbrella Academy) and Sarah Gadon (True Detective).

It’s not clear why Netflix has decided to chuck the two movies, especially so late into production. Our best guess is that the streamer has decided to cut its losses, and avoid the cost of marketing both movies, or to try and recoup production costs by selling them off to rival services — be it Disney Plus, Peacock, HBO Max, or someone else.

THR notes that Netflix appears to be trying to maintain a consistent level of spending where movies are concerned. The cancelation of Inheritance and House/Wife might not be indicative of quality, and just that Netflix would rather focus its resources on other movies in its slate. They include Murder Mystery 2 (with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston), Extraction 2 (with Chris Hemsworth), and The Mother (with Jennifer Lopez).

Still Inheritance and House/Wife have the chance to live again, and don't really belong on the list of canceled Netflix shows right now. When they might arrive on a different service isn’t clear, but given their relatively low profile it isn’t likely either movie will get a lot of fanfare should that day come.

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