Mission: Impossible 7 — Tom Cruise is now mad at trees

Mission: Impossible 7
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Tom Cruise finds himself at the center of a lot of gossip, and the latest Mission: Impossible 7 news is all about the latest thing to irritate the actor on set: nature. Or to put it more specifically, the trees around his trailer are starting to get on Cruise's last nerve.

The Daily Mail reports that Cruise, currently filming in North Yorkshire, is "believed to have been irritated by noisy branches on the roof of his trailer and called for some local men to come and cut them down." Cruise isn't the only one blamed for the frustration over the branches, as a source said "'Apparently the noise was becoming beyond irritating and they couldn't stand it any longer." Note the "they" doing heavy lifting.

Cruise has a reportedly positive rep on set for enduring chaos, as one source said "There isn't much Tom can't put up with. So imagine how baffled everyone was when there was such a fuss made over a tree."

The set has apparently been pretty tense, as locals have been upset about the shoot ruining the calm nature of the area.

And while Esai Morales is supposedly the villain of Mission: Impossible 7, The Daily Mail reports that a local retired couple has been lobbying objections at the presence of the production. 80-year-old Elizabeth Longbottom (a former health visitor) said "'This is an area of beauty and tranquility — and that's going to be shattered when Mr Cruise and his team turn up. He means nothing to me, it's 46 years since my husband and I went to the cinema."

What could cause such a ruckus? The M:I7 crew built train tracks that stop over a quarry, and the train that's supposed to go on those tracks is expected to fall 160 feet into the quarry — all while Cruise and Morales fight on top. 

Ms. Longbottom's husband Robin (a retired surveyor) is also frustrated, stating, "I assume the film company are paying handsomely for the privilege of disrupting everyone's lives." Despite their protests, the application to film in the area was approved.

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