Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 specs just leaked — and it’s coming next month

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 specs and release date leaked
(Image credit: Microsoft)

It looks like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 specs have leaked more or less in full, teasing the internals and design you can expect from Microsoft’s next clamshell laptop. It could be launching sooner than you thought, too.

Leaker Roland Quandt, writing on German site WinFuture, said Microsoft wants to launch the Surface Laptop 4 “from April.” The report also cites anonymous retailers that, as with the Surface Laptop 3, you’ll get a choice between Intel and AMD processors for both the 13.5-inch and 15-inch variants.

As suggested by previous Surface Laptop 4 leaks, these latest specs indicated Microsoft will offer both Intel’s Tiger Lake-U processors and a couple of AMD Ryzen 4000 chips as potential CPUs. Specifically, Quandt listed the Intel i5-1145G7, Intel i7-1185G7, AMD Ryzen 5 4680U and Ryzen 7 4980U.

There are a few quirks to note here. First, those two AMD chips aren’t listed anywhere in AMD’s current Ryzen 4000 lineup, though that’s likely because they’re unique “Surface Edition” chips tuned specifically for the Surface Laptop 4 — just like how the Surface Laptop 3 had its own Surface Edition AMD silicone. It is, however, odd that Microsoft seemingly didn’t opt for the newer Ryzen 5000 family instead. 

The leaked specs also clarify that while SSD storage options come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB varieties for both Intel and AMD models, only Intel-equipped Surface Laptop 4 models will have a 1TB option as well. The same goes for RAM: only on the Intel side will you apparently be able to get the maximum 32GB of RAM.

The Intel models will also reportedly use an integrated Iris Plus Graphics 950 GPU, with the AMD Surface Laptop 4 variants using unspecified Radeon graphics.

The Surface Laptop 4’s battery life isn’t given as such, though the specs do list the battery size as 49Wh across the range. That’s a modest boost to the Surface Laptop 3’s 45Wh battery. Conversely, the exterior design will supposedly be unchanged from that of the Surface Pro 3, and screen resolutions look identical too: 2256 x 1504 on the 13.5-inch model 2496 x 1664 on the 15-inch model.

In terms of reliability, Quandt has a better track record than most leakers, with numerous accurate reveals to his name including the Google Pixel 5 price and the Samsung Galaxy S21 color options.

That said a leak is still just a leak, so hold off for an official Surface Laptop 4 announcement and release date before making plans to toss your current laptop. In particular, we’d want to see how well those CPUs help the Surface Pro 4 stand up to the MacBook Pro with M1.

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