Microsoft Surface Duo 3 may have a flexible OLED display — ditching the dual screen design

Microsoft surface duo 2 review
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The next iteration of the Microsoft Surface Duo has been tipped to ditch the dual-screen design in favor of a similar flexible OLED display to those found on other foldables.

This rumor comes from sources speaking to Windows Central, claiming that Microsoft is pivoting to a more typical foldable design. That means the Surface Duo 3 may come with an internal foldable display, external cover screen and a 180-degree hinge. 

In other words it might look more like a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 than the Surface Duo 2. The additional exterior display may also allow Microsoft to keep the Surface Duo moniker, though we wouldn’t be surprised if a rebrand was on the cards instead.

The sources also claimed that Microsoft had already finalized a dual-screen design for the Surface Duo 3, supposedly shipping at the end of 2023. That design is said to include edge-to-edge displays that are taller and narrower than before, alongside wireless charging. However, this design has apparently been scrapped following the Surface Duo 2’s lukewarm reception after its 2021 launch.

One of our big takeaways in our Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review is that the full-screen display was hampered by the fact the phone has two separate panels — alongside some rather chunky and prominent bezels. Hopefully switching to a fullscreen flexible display can fix that, without having to make too many changes to the thin, elegant design.

Though, if Microsoft is making changes, we’d very much like the camera bump to be trimmed down as well. It’s a problem most phones have now, but that bump was just a little too prominent on the Surface Duo 2.

Specs are still a little unclear, but Windows Central’s sources suggest there’s an ongoing effort to differentiate Microsoft’s Android software from the rest of the competition. The idea apparently being to offer an experience between Windows and Microsoft’s Android devices that’s similar to the one experienced by Mac and iPhone users.

We may also see more Microsoft-made Android smartphones in the future, with the company allegedly exploring multiple different designs. Though nothing is confirmed for the time being, it could be the start of a wider rollout of smartphones by Microsoft — though perhaps not on the same scale as the doomed Windows Phones.

However, it sounds like the only thing we might see in the immediate future is the revamped Surface Duo 3. Here’s just hoping that this change in direction doesn’t come with a bunch of additional problems, like those experienced by the original Galaxy Z Fold

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