Mercedes Benz EQE is coming to the IAA Mobility Show — alongside three other electric cars

mercedes benz eqe
(Image credit: Mercedes)

Mercedes Benz is making another push on its eventual shift to electrification, by promising a string of new EV announcements at the upcoming IAA Mobility Show in Munich. And among them is the EQE.

We already know that the EQE, essentially an electric E-Class, is on the way. However we don’t know a huge amount about the car. So IAA Mobility Show is Mercedes' chance to really wow us.

But the EQE won’t be alone at the IAA Mobility Show. Mercedes also has plans to unveil a brand new concept vehicle, while the Mercedes EQB will also enjoy its European premiere at the show. Mercedes has also promised “the first battery-electric luxury saloon from Mercedes-AMG” — a phrase that Mercedes has used to describe the EQS in the past

We know a great deal about the EQB, since it’s set to launch in the U.K. and Europe later this year, and the U.S. sometime in early 2022. 

Pricing is still unknown, but Mercedes has previously confirmed that the seven-seater SUV will have a range of 297 miles, 100kW rapid charging speeds, the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance. A longer range version is also planned though we don’t know when it will arrive.

Likewise we know a lot about the EQS, which is set to arrive in Europe later this year. It promises a range of 453 miles, built in HEPA filters, 200kW rapid charging, and a 523hp dual motor setup that can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds.

Mercedes also promises that the EQS is the “most aerodynamic production car in the world” has has “intelligent” energy recovery that regenerates your battery as you slow down. The car also features three dash displays, and all the basic driver assistance features you’d expect from a luxury car.

As for the EQE, there’s still a lot we don’t know. But from what we can gather the car is best described as an electric version of the E-Class. That said it seems like it’ll be available in two models: a large saloon and an SUV edition. But Mercedes hasn’t revealed much information about the car, and we suspect the IAA Mobility Show will be incredibly informative.

Mercedes has also promised that the Mercedes-owned 'smart' brand will have a show car at the IAA Mobility Show, which “provides an insight into the first vehicle from its new generation of all-electric models.”

The IAA Mobility Show kicks off on September 7, and lasts until September 12. So we just have to sit tight and wait to see what Mercedes (and other automakers) have in store for us.

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