Mercedes EQE is a luxury electric car with the range to beat Tesla

mercedes eqe
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The Mercedes EQE is coming, that much we already knew, but now Mercedes has revealed what sort of things drivers can expect when the all-electric sedan arrives next year.

Pricing is still a complete unknown, but with a range of around 410 miles, the Mercedes EQE may well be the kind of car to buy if you want to be able to go long distances in luxury.

The Mercedes EQE is essentially an electric E-Class, albeit one that, according to Mercedes, manages to offer ever more storage space. If you’re familiar with the Mercedes EQS that launched earlier this year, then you may notice that the EQE looks like a slightly smaller version. Albeit one with a more "athletic character" that prioritises aerodynamics — an important feature in long range electric cars.

Inside is a 90 kWh battery, which Mercedes says offers up to 410 miles of range. That’s noticeably less than the 478 miles available with the EQS. But it’s still slightly more than the 405 miles offered by the Long Range Tesla Model S, which is currently the longest range Tesla on the road right now.

mercedes eqe

(Image credit: Mercedes)

That range has been extended by Mercedes’ efforts to make the EQE an aerodynamic beast, with a “very good” drag coefficient rating. While we don’t have a figure, the car’s smooth underbody, panel gap sealing, and closed-off grille have all helped reduce the amount of drag and help it glide through the air. There will even be "aero wheels" available, with at least one set featuring a completely closed off surface.

Performance details are still being held back, though Mercedes promised that the motors offer “high power density, high efficiency and high power constancy." The EQE 350 will have 288bhp and 319lb ft of torque on offer. A second variant will also be available at launch, but performance output figures are under wraps.

As for charging, we’re looking at maximum speeds of 170kW, which Mercedes says lets the EQE regain 155 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Mercedes will also be sending updates to the car to prolong the battery’s lifespan, helping the car to determine the best heating and cooling cycles to optimize its performance.

For the eco-conscious out there, Mercedes has promised that the EQE will be the first Mercedes made from 100% recycled steel. Mercedes will also be reusing old batteries from the EQE, putting them to use at energy storage facilities before they get recycled.

mercedes eqe

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Mercedes hasn’t scrimped on the interior either, and the main focus appears to be on the "Hyperscreen" Infotainment system. That features a high definition screen spanning the dashboard, with a width of 16.1-inches. Mercedes has described this system as having “zero layer” access, which avoids the need to cycle through multiple menus — something you really can’t afford to do while you’re driving.

Front-seat passengers also have a 12.3-inch display of their own, which is supposed to automatically dim when there’s "dynamic content," in order to avoid distracting the driver.

Hyperscreen also features mini-games, a "Roaring Pulse" sound mode that gives the driver the option to hear a "large-volume combustion engine" soundtrack, specialized modes for younger drivers and technicians, and some updated headlight technology. Naturally the whole system can receive over-the-air updates.

However, one of the most important things Mercedes has been working on is the sound proofing, with foam coating and improved seals to help reduce outside noise. EV drivers may already have experienced how loud it can be driving an electric car, since there’s no roar of the combustion engine to drown out noise from wind, the road, and other cars. It also has a hatch-style trunk, rather than the closed-off design you’d typically find in a sedan.

The Mercedes EQE is set to arrive sometime in mid-2022, though pricing details are still unknown for the time being. Expect to hear more about that closer to launch day.

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    Are those 410 miles of range EPA or European cycle? The Tesla Model S range is EPA rated.