MacBook Air 2021 design could steal the worst iMac 2021 feature

MacBook Air 2021
(Image credit: Ian Zelbo/ Jon Prosser)

The Apple MacBook Air leaks are coming thick and fast, and the latest tip reveals Apple's plans for the upcoming design. While we know the tech giant is reportedly lining up a slew of new colors, it also has a redesign up its sleeve. 

Jon Prosser's latest installment of Front Page Tech delves into the MacBook Air redesign, and if you were looking forward to jazzing up your desk with a splash of color, be aware that it doesn't extend to the keyboard or bezels. According to Prosser's source, both of these features will be plain white. 

Prosser notes that the bezel size in the renders are an estimate, and they could be thinner or thicker than pictured. So if you're not a fan of the white detailing, brace yourself for disappointment.

Another noticeable aspect of the redesign is the tossing out of the wedge shape, in favour of a blocky rectangle. Apple MacBooks have sported the signature sloped angles for years, but the new form factor is reminiscent of the more stark lines of the iPhone 12. Personally, I think the new look is an improvement on the older design, but stalwart fans might be disappointed. 

MacBook Air 2021 rubber feet

(Image credit: Ian Zelbo/ Jon Prosser)

A few other revamps include the feet of the MacBook. Apple is reportedly replacing the circular rubber feet with a couple of strips instead that are placed closer to the edges of the device. Prosser also notes that the keyboard's function keys look set to be full sized, rather than the shrunken keys of previous iterations. 

Prosser has a mixed track record when it comes to Apple leaks, and has even bet his eyebrows on the accuracy of some of his predictions.. The renders are based on product photos shared by his source, so unless Apple does a 180 with the MacBook design, this is what we're expecting to see when it's finally unveiled. 

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