MacBook Air 2021 colors just leaked — here's what to expect

MacBook Air 2021 colors
(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

We learned last week that Apple is reportedly working on a blue MacBook Air 2021, adding the extra dash of color to more closely match the varied hues that the iMac 2021 is available in.

That news came from regular Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who has since commissioned renders of the MacBook Air 2021 in both blue and green — so you can see for yourself what the more colorful laptop will look like.

As Prosser explains in the reveal video — the images are first shown at the 5 minute mark — these renders are based on official images, albeit ones he can’t show without compromising his source. Showing commissioned renders is therefore something of a workaround: they come directly from an Apple source per se, but do show material from an apparently bona fide leak.

Sure enough, the blue and green MacBook Air 2021 seen here matches the tones of the new iMac, though seem to have one consistent shade throughout; the iMac also uses much darker shades on the rear and sides of its screen. Even so, it could make a very welcome change for those who prefer the functionality of a MacBook Air but have become a bit bored with the usual silver, gray and gold.

Prosser commissioned artist Ian "Renders By Ian" Zelbo to create the images, and if that name sounds familiar it’s because Zelbo recently created a blue MacBook Air 2021 render of his own. These newer renders feature fewer USB Type-C ports but are otherwise very similar to Zelbo’s previous design.

MacBook Air 2021 colors

(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

Both Zelbo’s design and Prosser’s leak show the MacBook Air 2021 with slimmed-down bezels, a much-desired design improvement, though Prosser said he and the render artist had to “guess” their exact dimensions as they weren’t included in their original leaked source materials.

This is also the first meaningful hint that the MacBook Air 2021 could come in colors other than blue. Prosser’s source claimed to have only seen blue and green models first hand, though it would make sense that the MacBook Air 2021 would follow the new iMac in offering a range of colors instead of sticking to just one.

We’re hoping to find out much more about the MacBook Air 2021 very soon, as current rumors indicate it will launch sometime in the second half of 2021.

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