iPhone to get Google Fi VPN service this spring

Google Fi for iPhone
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It looks like our iPhone VPN roundup might need an update come spring, as Google has announced its Fi VPN service is making the jump to iOS for Google Fi subscribers. 

Beyond iOS, Google also announced that Fi VPN will be exiting its beta on Android, not that existing users should see any difference.

The best VPN, or virtual private network, creates a secure connection from your device to the VPN provider's server. It's a good way to beef up your privacy when you're on an open Wi-Fi network, whether it be a Starbucks or a McDonald's. 

Because VPNs can mask your location and make it seem like you're somewhere else, they can often allow users to connect to geo-restricted websites, such as the British or Japanese versions of Netflix. VPNs have become increasingly popular as websites  track user data for targeted advertising. 

"Everyone should have easy access to tools that protect their personal information," Google Fi Project Manager Angel Maredia said in a blog post. "That’s why we’re expanding access to the VPN to iPhone, so that it will be available for everyone using Fi. We plan to roll out the VPN to iPhone starting this spring."

Other new features for Google Fi

Apart from VPN news, Google also announced new security features for the Fi app on Android. A new privacy and security hub will make it easier for users to learn about the privacy features available through Fi. At the moment, Fi also has a built-in spam call blocker to stop robocalls and scams. 

Another benefit with Fi is that users can tie their phone number to their Google accounts, making the number more resistant to theft via "SIM swap" or "port out" scams. That's when thieves trick customer-support reps at mobile providers into reassigning phone numbers to another SIM card. Fi offers two-step verification to prevent these types of attacks.

Google Fi currently offers two plans. The Flexible plan costs $20 a month for unlimited calling and texting, with an additional $10 per GB of data. The Unlimited plan offers 22GB of data before throttling at $70 a month, but includes cloud storage and some international calling. 

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