iPhone 15 Pro Max facing serious delays — and it's way more popular than iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Max in blue
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If you’ve been thinking about picking up an iPhone 15 Pro Max you may already know the phone is facing some delays — at least a month at this point. Meanwhile the iPhone 15 still seems to have release day availability. Why? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is blaming the production issues he’s spent the past few months warning people about.

Kuo has published a report about the first weekend of iPhone 15 pre-orders, and apparently the iPhone 15 Pro Max is selling pretty well so far — apparently outpacing demand for the iPhone 14 Pro Max this time last year. This is despite the $100 price increase, so it seems people think the phone is worth it.

But the demand isn’t the only thing affecting iPhone 15 Pro Max wait times. Kuo has been very vocal about production issues allegedly affecting the iPhone 15 Pro Max — to the point that there were rumors the phone’s release could be delayed as a result. 

Specifically the fact that mass production began later than normal, and thanks to “more pronounced” production challenges compared to other iPhone 15s. The camera has come up in relation to those rumored delays before, particularly the terra-prism telephoto lens that expands the phone’s optical zoom capabilities.

The iPhone 15 Pro was also said to be facing delays thanks to its display, though things may have changed between now and July. While delivery estimates for the phone appear to have been pushed back a bit, it only looks like you’ll be waiting 2 or 3 weeks. 

But whatever issues Apple had were said to be affecting the Pro Max model as well, and all these potential problems may have added up — especially combined with potentially unexpected demand.

Kuo also claims that demand for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus is “roughly on par with last year”, which probably isn’t good considering how infamously unpopular the iPhone 14 Plus was. Kuo says iPhone 15 Pro demand is weaker than the iPhone 14 Pro too. Apparently this is likely down to a “shift of more premium users to iPhone 15 Pro Max”. That may also be contributing into the less severe delivery delays this time around, though I suspect sales may pick up if iPhone 15 Pro Max deliveries slip further.

Currently Natural and White Titanium Pro Max models are the worst affected by delays, with estimates of 6 to 7 weeks for all storage configurations at the time of writing. Meanwhile the Black and Blue Titanium models are pushed back to 3-4 weeks. So if you’re desperate to get a Pro Max soon, and don’t care about the color, those two are your best options.

Last year saw delays for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max extend through the holidays and into the New Year. It’s unclear what might happen this year, but needless to say if you want an iPhone 15 Pro Max soon you better get your order in as quickly as you can — because there are reasonable odds those wait times are only going to get longer and longer.

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