iPhone 15 delays — here’s the latest delivery dates

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There are some severe iPhone 15 delays for certain models and colors from certain stores, meaning a bit of research is required to get your new phone as fast as possible.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are both facing delays, with the expected delivery dates being as dramatic as early November. It should be easier to get a hold of the basic iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus, but there's still a shipping delay for some colorways.

If you've not placed your iPhone 15 order yet, and are wondering just when you can expect your new phone to arrive at your doorstep, we've collected the latest shipping data from Apple's own website along with the three major wireless carriers and Best Buy. We looked at ship dates for each color across all four iPhone 15 models at their default storage sizes. (That's 256GB for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and 128GB for all other models).

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iPhone 15 delivery date: Apple Store

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ModelEstimated U.S. delivery dates
iPhone 15October 4 - October 7
iPhone 15 PlusOctober 4 - October 18
iPhone 15 ProOctober 18 - October 25
iPhone 15 Pro MaxOctober 18 - November 15

If you pre-order an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max from Apple, you're looking at a minimum wait of four weeks. And depending on the color, that delay could stretch into November.

All versions of the iPhone 15 Pro are set to ship between October 18 and October 25, regardless of what color you prefer. iPhone 15 Pro Max delays are more significant at Apple — the blue and black editions have the same shipping range as the iPhone 15 Pro models, but the natural and white versions may not ship until November. Specifically, Apple says to expect the natural and white iPhone 15 Pro Max models to ship between November 8 and November 15 if you place an order now.

You'll have better luck with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. While those devices won't ship until October, the delay is relatively minimal. All colors and configurations of iPhone 15 ship between October 4 and October 7. All iPhone 15 Plus colors will arrive in the same timeframe, except for the Pink version which is estimated as taking two to three weeks to turn up.

iPhone 15 delivery date: AT&T

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ModelEstimated U.S. delivery dates
iPhone 15September 29 - October 2
iPhone 15 PlusSeptember 29 - October 2
iPhone 15 ProOctober 5 - November 2
iPhone 15 Pro MaxOctober 3 - October 31

Over at AT&T, the iPhone 15 Pro is estimated to arrive by October 5 if you get a Blue model. The black and natural models will take a little longer, with estimates of October 12 to October 26. White will take the longest, arriving anytime between October 19 and November 2.

As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the blue and black models have the earliest arrival, shipping between October 12 and October 26. The white and natural versions won't ship out until a week later, between October 19 and November 2.

Want an iPhone 15 model quickly from AT&T? Then get either the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus. All colors of both phones are set to arrive between September 27 and September 28.

iPhone 15 delivery date: T-Mobile

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ModelEstimated U.S. delivery dates
iPhone 15September 27 - October 2
iPhone 15 PlusSeptember 27 - October 2
iPhone 15 ProSeptember 29 - October 24
iPhone 15 Pro MaxOctober 2 - November 20

First, the good news — T-Mobile can ship you an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pluswithin 1 to 5 days. The color doesn't matter, the phone will be yours within the week.

At least the iPhone 15 Pro could arrive by September 29 if you order the black, blue or natural titanium model. It's the white version that faces a longer wait, shipping between October 10 - 24.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max could arrive by October 2 if you order it in blue, or October 4 if you go for natural titanium or black, but the shipping window is still two weeks. You'll be waiting until November 6 at the minimum for a white Pro Max model, and possibly longer.

iPhone 15 delivery date: Verizon

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ModelEstimated U.S. delivery dates
iPhone 15Within 2 days
iPhone 15 PlusSeptember 26 - October 6
iPhone 15 Pro September 29 - October 20
iPhone 15 Pro MaxSeptember 29 - November 3

Getting an iPhone 15 Pro at Verizon could mean receiving it in just two days, provided it's not the white-colored model. That's shipping from October 6 currently.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max in blue could be with you as early as September 29 but may not arrive until October 13. Natural or black Pro Maxes are slated to appear between October 6 and 20, while the in-demand white version will leave you waiting from October 20 to November 3 if you place an order.

iPhone 15 customers are in for the shortest wait, with most colors offering two day shipping in some capacity. 

That September 29 date is a big one for the iPhone 15 Plus. That's when every color of the 6.7-inch phone should have arrived from Verizon, except for the pink and version which could ship as late as October 6.

iPhone 15 delivery date: Best Buy

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ModelEstimated U.S. delivery dates
iPhone 15Tomorrow
iPhone 15 PlusTomorrow - October 6
iPhone 15 ProTomorrow - October 20
iPhone 15 Pro MaxSeptember 29 - October 6

Best Buy should make it pretty easy to get hold of an iPhone 15 Pro rather quickly. A black or blue model could be yours by tomorrow, a natural model by September 29 and a white one by October 20

If you're after a Pro Max, then the black model will be available on September 29, but the natural titanium or blue won't be with you until October 6. Sadly, the white model is also out of stock.

Best Buy has all iPhone 15 models available for shipping tomorrow. It's similar with the iPhone 15 Plus models. The black version will turn up tomorrow, with the pink shipping by October 6 and the others shipping by September 29.

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