iPhone 12 leak reveals how Galaxy Note 20 will win

iPhone 12 Pro navy blue
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Apple has already confirmed that you’ll be waiting longer than usual for new iPhones this fall. And if you’re waiting for the iPhone 12 to sport a faster refresh rate, you’re in for an even longer wait according to a new report.

Current iPhones feature displays that refresh at a typical 60Hz rate, but some iPhone 12 rumors suggested that at least some of the new models may double that speed to 120Hz. But now GizChina points to a report from MyDrivers in which supply chain sources say Apple won’t bring that feature to the iPhone 12.

Even worse, the report goes on to claim that next year’s phones from Apple won’t have a 120Hz refresh rate, either.

Why the delay until 2022 for a feature that some Android phones already offer? It’s reportedly due to the fact that Apple is looking to keep prices low, though that’s not been officially confirmed by Apple. (Apple never announces details about its upcoming phones.)

Losing out on a 120Hz refresh rate would be a big miss for the iPhone 12, as Apple’s chief rival Samsung is expected to unveil that very feature in its new Galaxy Note 20 phablets this coming week. Even more impressively, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could feature a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate that automatically adjusts depending on what activity you’re performing. If you’re scrolling through the web, say, your Galaxy Note would adopt the higher refresh rate for a smoother experience.

It’s unclear if the original MyDriver report means that all four iPhone 12 models expected this fall won’t feature faster refresh rates or if that omission will be limited to the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max. Apple’s also expected to roll out two iPhone 12 Pro models, and it would be good to include a 120Hz refresh rate there even if it’s not in Apple’s less expensive iPhones.

We’ll apparently find out Apple’s plans in early September, even if Apple confirmed this past week that the iPhone 12  won’t ship that month. GizChina cites a reliable tipster who says Apple’s iPhone 12 event will be held on Sept. 8. That’s in line with other rumors about the upcoming iPhone launch event.

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