iPhone 12 battery life just leaked — and there's good and bad news

iPhone 12 concept
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We’re very close to Apple’s big Oct. 13 iPhone 12 event, and the leaks are going into overdrive to get us the last few bits of information before Apple has a chance to tell us itself.

We’ve already seen one leak suggesting the iPhone 12 will have a massive camera upgrade, and now we’ve heard more details about the phone’s battery life. News that’s simultaneously good and bad. 

This news comes from leaker Max Weinbach (aka @PineLeaks) who received a massive load of information about the new iPhones. Among that is information about the battery life for three of the four iPhone 12 models we’re expecting to see tomorrow, and we’re feeling pretty ambivalent about the revelations.

Weinbach claims that the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max will get at least an extra hour of battery life, which is always a good thing. Good battery life is incredibly important in a phone, and the more time you have the better. Sadly, this news also comes with information that the iPhone 12 Mini will have worse battery life than the iPhone 11 -- all because of its small size.

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That’s almost to be expected, since smaller phones have less room for the larger batteries that keep phones going for longer. But that doesn’t make the news any less disappointing, especially for those who were looking for a slightly cheaper way to buy themselves an iPhone 12 this year.

The only question is how long the battery is going to last. And we’re just going to have to wait and see whether Apple has anything to say about it during tomorrow’s big event.

Still, at the very least we can hope to enjoy a phone that offers all sorts of improvements over the iPhone 11. Improvements like 5G connectivity, the A14 Bionic chipset, massive camera upgrades, and more. All in all there’s a great deal to look forward to, and we don’t have long before we get the official details.

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