Hulu just canceled Reboot — and I’m devastated

Alyah Chanelle Scott and Reed (Keegan-Michael Key), shown.
(Image credit: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Another day, another cancelation. But this time it isn’t Netflix or HBO Max that’s giving a TV show the boot, it’s actually Hulu. Variety reports that the streaming service has just canceled Reboot, a comedy that follows the cast and crew as they attempt to reboot the fictional sitcom Step Right Up… for Hulu.

Reboot’s first season debuted on September 20, and the 8-episode run concluded little more than a month later on October 25. The show starred Rachel Bloom as writer Hannah Korman, as she tries to reboot Step Right Up for the modern day. 

This puts her at odds with the show’s original creator, Gordon Gelman (Paul Resier) who also happens to be her estranged father. To top it all off the original run left on a sour note, and the returning cast have to contend with unresolved issues in their professional and personal lives.

The show starred Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville and Calum Worthy as the returning cast members, alongside Krista Marie Yu as an inexperienced Hulu executive and Alyah Chanelle Scott as a reality TV star turned actress. 

Honestly, I’m kind of devastated that Reboot ended so soon. I only discovered the show in December, two months after it finished its original run, and was thoroughly disappointed that the first season was over so quickly. Eight episodes just wasn’t enough, but it was clear to me that there was potential there to be something great.

It wasn’t just me that enjoyed the show either. Reboot currently has an 88% Rotten Tomatoes rating based on 40 reviews from critics. Sadly, the audience doesn’t quite agree, and the audience score is a much less impressive 68%. Obviously, the show didn’t quite resonate with viewers the same way.

No reason has been given for Reboot’s cancelation right now, but the obvious reason is that not enough people watched it. We don’t really know how Hulu measures the success of its original programming at the moment, but it doesn’t really matter. Not enough people tuned in to watch Reboot, and the show was axed.

Not that it dampens my disappointment in any way, especially given the apparent shortage of good comedies right now.

Tom Pritchard
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