Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro prices leaked — and it's great news

an image of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro
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We are but a day away from the proper reveal of the Google Pixel 6, and while a lot around the standard and Pro next-gen Pixel phones has been revealed or teased, pricing is a little more difficult to ascertain. Until now. 

According to a brace of claimed leaks the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro may cost $599 and $898 respectively, Both these prices are a lot cheaper than we excepted for a pair of phones tipped to be proper Android flagship handsets. 

These surprisingly low prices were spotted by Evan Lei, who found price tags on empty shelves awaiting the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro during a trip to Target. M. Brandon Lee of This Is Tech Today was later able to corroborate the prices using Target's inventory system checker.

At $599, the Pixel 6 would undercut the equivalent iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 by a hefty $200. The Pixel 6 Pro would a good deal at $900 compared to the $1,000 iPhone 13 Pro or Galaxy S21 Plus also. Were expecting the Samsung Galaxy S22 to have similar pricing to its predecessor, so we'd not be surprised if the Pixel 6 beats it on price too. 

Based on previous price leaks, I had believed that the Pixel 6 Pro would be the better pick since it offered far superior value given the minor $150 price difference between it and the basic Pixel 6. Even looking at the Pixel 6 alone, the previously tipped $850 price tag looked like far too much for the hardware the phone is believed to be offering. 

But now that the price tag looks set to be a good bit cheaper, the Pixel 6 now looks a lot more appealing. A pure Android phone with potentially killer camera performance and a custom chip for less than other flagship phones is certainly worthy of attention. 

A supporting leak from Down Under

There's also been a different price leak, but from the other side of the world. An Australian advertisement promoting the new Google phone, seemingly sent live by accident before the phone's official reveal, shows off the full package promised by Google (thanks to _genericusername_ on Reddit's r/GooglePixel capturing it), but also how much Australian customers may have to pay for it.

We get no mention of the Pro model, but the advert says the base Pixel 6 will start at AU$999. That's the same price the Google Pixel 5 started at in Australia, which went for $699 and £599 in the U.S. and U.K. respectively. We could convert the Australian dollar price but that would give an inaccurate impression of the price since Australian prices always include the sales tax.

A screenshot from an Australian advert for the Google Pixel 6, broadcast before the phone's official launch. It shows the phone on a green background along with its name and a price of 999 Australian dollars.

(Image credit: _genericusername_/ r/GooglePixel)

The TV spot also shows off many of the features we've already seen rumored, leaked and announced many times before. These include the first Google-designed "Tensor" chipset, the phones' larger batteries and faster charging, the Magic Eraser photo editing tool and the new under-display fingerprint sensor.

With this new leak claiming a price of $600 or $700 and a $200/300 price gap between it and its big sibling, the standard Pixel 6 now not only looks like a great smartphone bargain in general but also the best Pixel 6 for most users. It could be a great choice for users looking for the best Android phones on a limited budget. But it may also make for a more efficient way of getting Google's signature software and personalization features without spending extra on the larger display and battery or added telephoto camera expected to be found on the Pro model.

It's just over 24 hours until Google finally gives us the full reveal of the Pixel 6, and we couldn't be more excited. While what feels like all the phone's secrets have been thoroughly spilled and dissected already, the big changes in store for the phone's hardware could make it Google's best chance ever at grabbing sales from Apple or Samsung.

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