Google Pixel 4a pre-orders: How to get the new phone now

Google Pixel 4a review
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For smartphone bargain hunters, the Google Pixel 4a has proven to be worth the wait. Unfortunately, that also means Google’s $349 phone is proving to be very tricky to order.

The Pixel 4a doesn’t arrive in stores until August 20, but you can pre-order the device now. But demand is already outstripping supply at one popular retailer, with Amazon listing the phone as out-of-stock when we checked Friday afternoon.

Don’t fret if you come up empty at Amazon, though. There are other places to place a Pixel 4a pre-order, though you may have to act fast.

It’s easy to understand why the Pixel 4a is proving to be an early hit. That $349 price is hard to beat, especially when you get a phone that matches many of the camera capabilities found in the more expensive Pixel 4. We’re also fans of the phone’s bright display, attractive design and generous built-in storage.

If that sounds like something you want to get your hands on, here’s where to pre-order the Pixel 4a right now.

Google Pixel 4a models and prices

There’s just one model of the Pixel 4a. It features 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and just one color — black. In addition to Amazon, you’ll find the phone at Google’s online store and Best Buy. Verizon, US Cellular and Google Fi are among the carriers that will feature the Pixel 4a, but as of this writing, we’ve only seen the phone available at US Cellular and Google Fi.

Where to order the Google Pixel 4a


Amazon: Though Amazon is currently out of stock of the Pixel 4a, it's possible that the phone could return to the online retailer. If so, you’re looking at the same retail price as other sellers at $349, but you can toss in one of three official Google cases there at the retailer and take advantage of Prime shipping if you're a member. 


Google: The most reliable location to preorder a Pixel 4a right now is straight from the source: Google. You can snag your own Pixel 4a there with no issues, and it'll run you $349. You can opt for special financing if you decide to purchase through Google at $14.54/mo for 24 months with 0% APR Google Store Financing. 

Google lets you buy the phone unlocked; you can also opt for versions tied to Google Fi and Verizon. If you preorder from Google, you could also get your phone earlier. Google lists a delivery date of August 18.

Best Buy:

Best Buy: Best Buy is currently running a special sale that will save you $50 off the Pixel 4a's retail price, which lowers the cost to $299 if you decide to pick it up there. To qualify for that discount, you’ll need to activate your phone on either AT&T or Verizon. Activate on Sprint — which is now part of T-Mobile — and you can save $100 if you’re a new customer or opening a new line; existing customers get just $50 off.

US Cellular:

US Cellular: New customers who switch to US Cellular and sign up for an Unlimited with Payback plan can get a Pixel 4a for free in the form of bill credits. Those credits are spread out over 30 months. Otherwise, US Cellular charges $349, which you can pay off over 30 months with $11.63 monthly payments. 

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    My pre-order via Google Fi reflects a ship date of August 21st. Where do you see a August 18th ship date?