Google fixed the most annoying thing about Gmail — and it’s hitting Android first

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Update: Gmail has an iOS upgrade to help you save time.

Gmail users with Android devices have long had a difficult time when it comes to copying and pasting email addresses. Whether you’re frustrated by the strange design decisions or the just have difficulty with what should be a simple task, it’s a big flaw in what’s otherwise one of the best email apps.

But it sounds like Google’s getting around to eliminating those copying-and-pasting woes. Android Police reports that Gmail has introduced a new pop-up menu to make copying and pasting an email address much more straightforward.

Specifically, the new notification appears once you tap on an emai address in the To, Cc or Bcc fields. You’ll see a bigger, more functional contact card that you can interact with in a number of ways, whether it’s copying text, adding information or some other task.

This new feature already looks leagues better than the mini-window that could previously pop open with an option to copy. While it worked well enough to feasibly call it a solution, it would often cover up some of the important text below the box. 

Gmail for Android

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Unfortunately, the feature isn't widely available yet. Though some users have apparently spotted the new menu on their devices, it hasn't gone live for everyone. Google has yet to adopt it as a widespread measure for all Android users, but that doesn't mean it's not on its way. 

Currently, 9to5Google reports that the new pop-up menu has been seen on several devices running Gmail for Android  v2021.02.05.357775197. Still, it could be some time before this feature makes its way to your phone. Hopefully, it will soon, as this improvement will certainly solidify Gmail’s status as one of the all-time greats when it comes to communication on the go.

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