Full Pixel 4 XL Specs Leaked in New Hands-on Video

(Image credit: Screen capture)

Adding to yesterday's hands-on video and the demonstration of the Soli sensor, this latest video of the Pixel 4 XL's screen reveals a ton of information. Together, they give us a complete picture of what this phone will be.

As we approach the October launch, the Pixel 4 XL is running wild out of the factory and people in Asia are squeezing every bit of information out of it, including some comparative photos between the 3XL and the 4XL. 

First of all, under that giant forehead there’s a 6.23-inch OLED display with a resolution of 3,040 x 1,440 pixel — a 539 pixels per inch screen density. 

It runs at 90Hz, which means it will be buttery smooth although it can automatically adjust to 60Hz if the content demands it using a dynamic refresh screen switch. Google calls this feature Smooth Display but it comes at a price: the preferences say it increases battery usage.

(Image credit: Screen capture)

The forehead holds two infrared cameras and a regular selfie camera for secure 3D facial identification, plus the Soli radar sensor that is so sensitive that it allows you to control the phone with hand waving and tiny movements of your fingers.

A demonstration of the notable night sight improvement in the 4XL: more range, better contrast and color.The image

A demonstration of the notable night sight improvement in the 4XL: more range, better contrast and color.The image (Image credit: Screen capture)

The device runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 at 2.8GHz— no plus, so for that extra gaming performance you'll have to get another phone (such as the Asus ROG Phone II). It also only has 6GB of RAM. The internal storage is listed as 109.59 GB.

The photos have definitively improved.

The photos have definitively improved. (Image credit: Screen capture)

The cameras on the back are both made by Sony: the IMX481 16MP with telephoto lens and a 12MP IMX 363 behind a wide-angle lens assembly. On the front there’s a 8MP f/2.0 selfie camera. Here’s how it looks in comparison to the 3XL (much better tones, for sure).

(Image credit: Screen capture)

And as we already knew, there is no headphone jack and the phone will come in black, white, and the same orange as the Google button. 

Google may as well release these phones already, as we know everything about them now.

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