Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone problem — how to fix it now

How to fix Facebook dark mode on iPhone and iOS
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Facebook Dark Mode has been officially restored to Android phones, but the picture isn't so clear when it comes to iPhones.

As of May 27, Facebook claims everything is fine with the Android app. From the looks of comments on Twitter, that's accurate. But Facebook's statement to Tom's Guide didn't mention iOS, and iPhone users seem to still be having problems.

As of the time of writing, Dark Mode is present on my iPhone 12 Pro,  where it always has been, in its own section in the Settings and Privacy menu. The app version was 319. (292363515), which seems to be fine from other accounts (via TechRadar), whereas older "319" versions and newer ones such as 320. (293873823) are suffering from the problem.

If you have lost Dark Mode on your Facebook app, there is a fix you can try, which we've detailed below.

How to fix the Facebook Dark Mode problem on iPhone

1. Uninstall the app, then re-install it. Do this by holding the app until you get the option to "Remove app," then "Delete app" on the next menu that appears.

Facebook Dark Mode fix on iOS

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2. Go to the Apple App Store and redownload Facebook.

3. Log back in and check if Dark Mode has reappeared. You'll find it by tapping the three lines/"hamburger" icon in the bottom menu bar, then scrolling down to Settings & Privacy. Dark Mode should be the fourth option. If it's returned, great, you're good to go! 

How to use Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

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4. If you still don't see Dark Mode listed, then continue by closing the app. Do this by either double tapping the Home button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pausing, then swiping the Facebook window away to dismiss it.

Facebook Dark Mode fix on iOS

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5. Next, go into Settings, then scroll downwards until you find Facebook among your other apps.

6. Find the "Upload HD" toggle under the video section, and make sure it's turned on. Do the same with the "Upload HD" toggle under the photo section.

Facebook Dark Mode fix on iOS

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7. Re-open the Facebook app. You should now have access to Dark Mode again by going to Menu (via the button with three horizontal lines at the bottom of the app), then selecting "Settings and Privacy", then "Dark mode".

Facebook Dark Mode fix on iOS

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It's not clear why changing your photo and video upload settings has this effect, but it can work if you're desperate to get Dark Mode back on your Facebook app as soon as possible.

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  • sdmiller291
    Hi. I have an iPhone X (most current iOS software) and am using Facebook version 322. I have never had the option to enable dark mode. I followed all the steps in the forum and unfortunately, still do not have the Dark Mode feature. Can you please provide any assistance that could help with this?