Discord Will Soon Let You Stream Privately to Friends

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Chat program Discord is already the go-to platform for communicating with friends both in and out of your favorite PC games. And soon, it'll allow you to show your buddies what you're playing with a single click.

Launching on August 15, Discord's Go Live feature will let you broadcast your gameplay privately to up to 10 friends in your Discord server's voice channel. As long as you have Discord's game detection enabled, you can fire up a game on your PC, hit "Go Live," and instantly share your Rocket League goals or Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities with a virtual room full of pals. 

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I got a live demo of Go Live in action, and it really is as simple as it sounds. During my demo, a Discord employee invited me to a voice channel in a private server, opened up Rocket League, and activated Go Live. As soon as I saw that he was live, I could click an icon and immediately get a live view of his gameplay. 

According to Discord, Go Live is strictly meant for giving your friends a live look at what you're playing. It won't let other players take control (like PS4's Share Play does), nor will it have a public streaming option similar to Twitch or Mixer

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All Discord users will be able to stream in 720p at 30 frames per second for Go Live. If you're a Nitro Classic member ($4.99/month), you'll be able to broadcast at up to 1080p/60fps, while Nitro subscribers ($9.99) will get a 4K option.

I'd like to see certain features be added to Go Live. For instance, Discord already supports game detection for Xbox One, so it would be great to be able to share my Xbox gameplay with my server. But in its current state, Go Live seems like handy way to show your friends a new game (or just show off your skill) without any technical legwork. 

Michael Andronico

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