Deadpool 3 — Ryan Reynolds just revealed first look at Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine [Updated]

(L, R) Colossus and Deadpool pose while Negasonic Teenage Warhead stands in the background
(Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

We may have just learned which Wolverine is coming to Deadpool 3 — and it looks like a classic. Yes, an early sneak peek at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel movie is here, and it shows the X-Men star in the vintage yellow-and-blue threads best known from the comics and animated series.

This is all thanks to an Instagram stories post from Reynolds we've screen-shotted for inserting below. The image is captioned "Don't blink," and there are tiny animated versions of the characters below.

(L, R) Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, walking on a dirt road in Deadpool 3

(Image credit: Ryan Reynolds via Instagram)

Too blurry? Well, Deadpool's official Twitter account uploaded a clearer shot. 

(L, R) Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, walking on a dirt road in Deadpool 3

(Image credit: Twitter/DeadpoolMovie)

Oh, and one Twitter user's even suggesting that this shot was altered to remove another character.

The big interesting surprise here is that Jackman's Wolverine is not wearing one of the outfits he was seen in the Fox X-Men movies. And replacing those dark outfits is the classic yellow and blue gear that hasn't been seen on the big screen yet. 

This hints at some playfulness about the colliding universes that could be taking place. Or it could be tied to some plot point we haven't even seen yet. Jackman's involvement in the sequel was first revealed when he casually appeared in one of Reynolds' social media posts, when the Deadpool star asked "Hey Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time?" Whilst eating, Jackman shot back "Yeah, sure Ryan."

Analysis: Marvel's worlds keep colliding 

Over the weekend, The Hollywood Reporter broke an even bigger surprise, that Jennifer Garner would reprise the role of Elektra for Deadpool 3. This version of the character was first seen in 20th Century Fox’s Daredevil, and the solo Elektra movie (also from Fox).

This all points to a whole heck of a lot of zaniness, with the 20th Century Fox version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe possibly crumbling or folding in on itself. That Fox-made universe, of course, is where Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool was first introduced. 

Now, it seems like refugees of the 20th Century Fox movies will be thrown into the Disney-owned Marvel universe. Previously, all we knew was that Deadpool 3 will drop "a lunatic" into the MCU

Oh, and expect just as much not-Disney-like behavior as ever, as Karan Soni (Dopinder in the Deadpool movies) told that "I have begun working on that one, so I can say that it is the same as the other two. It's like hard R. There's a lot of that stuff. So it does not feel different."

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