Days Gone for PC just got a release date — here's when you can get it

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Days Gone represents the latest PlayStation exclusive to make its way to PC. Much like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding before it, Days Gone will no longer be restricted to the PS5 and PS4 and will offer higher resolutions, better frame rates and more controller options — provided you can find a fancy enough GPU, at any rate.

This information comes from the official PlayStation Blog. Days Gone is a (former) PS4 exclusive that debuted in 2019. It casts players as Deacon St. John: a zombie apocalypse survivor who sets off on a motorcycle trip to find his missing wife. The game's PC version will debut on May 18 on Steam, the Epic Games Store and "a range of retailers" beyond the two big platforms.

If you've played Days Gone on PS4, then you may not need to run out and buy the PC version; there's no new content here. However, Sony has highlighted three features that aren't present in the PS4 version that could make title worth playing on the best gaming PCs: support for ultrawide monitors, mouse-and-keyboard setups and third-party controllers.

The ultrawide monitor support for Days Gone is arguably the biggest advancement the PC version will bring. This means that gamers with 21:9 monitors will be able to play the whole game in a much wider aspect ratio than their console brethren. This could theoretically give PC gamers a gameplay advantage, as it will give them a wider field of view to spot (and fight) incoming zombies.

PC gamers will also be able to play Days Gone with a wider array of controllers than just the DualShock 4 or the DualSense — although Sony is quick to point out that those controllers will still work on the PC.

"Play Days Gone the way you want to play," the blog post explains. "Use 1st and 3rd party controllers, or ride the Broken Road with input support for mouse and keyboard."

If you've ever wanted to play a former Sony exclusive with an Xbox controller, this is your big chance.

There is one downside to this whole setup, however. The PC version of Days Gone currently costs $50 to pre-order. A digital version of Days Gone on the PS4 costs $40, and physical versions are often even cheaper than that. It may sting a bit for PC gamers to pay $10 more than PlayStation fans for the same game. On the other hand, the PC version also has some quality-of-life features that the PS4 version doesn't. If $50 is absolutely unthinkable for you, you can always wait for a Steam sale someday down the line.

As for whether Days Gone is worth playing, Tom's Guide says "maybe." Our Days Gone review gave the game three stars out of five, praising its well-designed open world, but criticizing its frustrating gameplay.

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