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A good documentary can be captivating and eye-opening. This type of film challenges how you see the world and your own way of thinking. It can motivate you to action or leave you with a greater sense of understanding about a person, place, or event. 

Some documentaries will expose true stories not heard about on major news networks. While some reveal the intricate details behind the most shocking or history-making headlines. Others can be moving and touching, sharing the story of a life or event that has impacted countless people. Some can even make you laugh or inspire you.

Whatever kind captures your attention, Hulu has some of the best documentaries available right now. We wanted to highlight a few top choices available for streaming. These best Hulu documentaries are sure to resonate with you long after the movie ends. 

I Am Greta

It's hard not to watch in horror as the world and the lives of its citizens are impacted by the relentless impact of climate change. Whether you are passionate about this topic or not, you'll want to watch the documentary I Am Greta. In this documentary, filmmaker Nathan Grossman focuses on 15-year-old Thornberg as she begins her fight with a school strike in August 2018 on behalf of the climate. She wonders why she should care about her future if her leaders don't. 

You get a front-row seat and a behind-the-scenes look as she becomes a leader in a global movement, shedding light on the state of our world. Plus, you gain deeper insights into her own personal struggles with Asperger's syndrome and the overwhelming personal impact of her activism. It's one of the best documentaries if you ever were curious about the story behind the headline-making young woman.

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Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

More than 20 years later, it's hard to remember the impact of the rise and fall of Enron and how it affected so many people's lives. However, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room will bring it all back. Available on Hulu, Alex Gibney's Oscar-nominated documentary showcases the collapse of a once-successful company that soon became one of the United States' most infamous. 

Thanks to Peter Coyote's narration, the film offers easy-to-follow chronological details about the company's corruption and its leaders' roles. In addition, you'll also see interviews with people who observed the crisis, along with extracts from congressional hearings. You also gain more background about journalist Bethany McLean, who came to question Enron's financial standing, and Sherron Watkins, who turned into a whistle-blower when she discovered the fraud. If you ever wondered what really went on during that early 2000s debacle, you'll want to watch this documentary.

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Food Inc

Prior to watching this Oscar-nominated documentary, you may not think too much about the origin of your food. Afterward, you are sure to start making more knowledgeable choices of your nutrition selections. Robert Kenner's Food, Inc. takes a closer look at corporate farming and how its harmful practices damage our environment, the animals, and its staff.

What will surprise you is how dominant these corporations are in our food options. It exposes the genetically modified foods, such as soy and corn, grown en masse to feed the animals that end up living in deplorable conditions. The filmmaker interviews many farmers who are at the mercy of these conglomerates, often risking their livelihood if they don't follow unfair or inhumane practices. This is not a movie you'll want to watch with dinner. In fact, you may just be inspired to cut down on how much meat you grill over the summer.

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Summer of Soul

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson's Summer of Soul is an eye-opening documentary about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, occurring 100 miles south of where Woodstock took place. The event was held over the course of six weekends that summer, featuring outstanding performances by B.B. King, Nina Simone, Sly and the Family Stone, Gladys Knight & the Pips, and countless others. 

However, this documentary is more than just about the music. It also shares a greater depth of the importance of this event through interviews with those who attended the concert, musicians, and other commentators. Questlove's directorial debut earned him an Oscar, which is no surprise considering the excellent work done on this film. If you thought Woodstock was the only history-making musical event of that year, you'll want to watch this documentary. 

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Fly Like a Girl

If you are seeking inspiration from your documentaries, you'll want to watch Fly Like a Girl. Katie McEntire Wiatt shares first-hand accounts from girls and women who are pursuing their aviation dreams. Wiatt interviews women who have greatly impacted the aviation industry, including record-breaking pilots and astronauts. The film also goes into detail about historical female aviators, such as the women of WWII's WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots). 

However, this movie is more than just about inspiring women to fly planes. The core message is to encourage women of all ages to pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles ahead of them. You'll want to watch this movie with your family. It is certain to inspire you by the end of the film.

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