5 best family movies on Prime Video to watch now

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Watching a movie as a family is a timeless experience. It creates treasured memories that you can easily relive through future viewings of the film. Plus, it doesn't require much money or advanced planning to enjoy. However, finding one to please your entire family is a tough challenge. You want an option suitable for kids but one that will please teens and adults, too. 

That perfect balance may seem impossible, but Prime Video has some of the best selections of family movies available. These movies are perfect for young children, as they are void of the sex and violence often found in options for mature audiences. At the same time, they are entertaining for you and other grown-up family members. You probably won't even be tempted to grab your phone during the movie. Here are the best Prime Video family movies to stream right now.

A Million Miles Away

A Million Miles Away focuses on the true-life story of José Hernandez and his journey to becoming an astronaut. The biopic begins with a focus on his childhood as a farmworker. A teacher sees potential in him and encourages his father to stay in the area. The movie skips ahead to when he graduates from college and begins his years-long journey to being accepted into NASA.  

Michael Peña stars as José. He does an outstanding job portraying the pure determination in the heart of his character, who overcame impossible odds. Alongside him, Rosa Salazar plays his wife Adela, who remains dedicated to him throughout the film. It's a perfect movie to watch with your family and will inspire you and your children to pursue your dreams.

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Beethoven is the perfect flick if you and your family are looking for a movie with a plentiful supply of humankind's best friend. When a big, friendly St. Bernhard enters the lives of the Newton family, Charles Grodin's George Newton, the father, couldn't be any more miserable about it. However, he is outnumbered by his wife and children, who insist on keeping the dog.

Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. The deceptively villainous local vet sets his sights on the animal when his side hustle requires him to bring forth a dog, like Beethoven, for experimental purposes. You'll be rooting for the entire Newton family as they uncover the secret and save their newest family member. It also includes a touch of drama, kid-friendly romance, and plenty of laughs.

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I Can Only Imagine

Based on the real life of singer and songwriter Bart Millard, this movie takes the viewer along as it shares his inspiration behind the award-winning song "I Can Only Imagine." It begins with Bart's childhood and his experiences with his abusive father, Arthur, played by Dennis Quaid. As J. Michael Finley's Bart gets older, he pursues athletics to please his father. Things start to change for him when he gets injured and can't play sports any longer. That's when he finds his calling in music. 

Although it's a faith-based movie, the film's core themes — family, redemption, and forgiveness — are relatable to all viewers. It's surprising to see Quaid successfully portray such a volatile role. However, that adds to the transformation we see throughout the movie.

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Harry and the Hendersons

Whether you believe Bigfoot truly exists or not, you'll love Harry and the Hendersons. When a family is driving home after a hunting trip, the father, George Henderson, played by John Lithgow, runs over what they assume is some type of wild beast. However, when they get out of their car, they discover it's none other than a Bigfoot. 

Assuming he is dead, they put him in their car to bring home. When he wakes up, they realize he's not a threat at all but, instead, rather friendly. That's when the family comes together to protect the newly-named Harry from authorities and others pursuing him as part of their life mission to find the creature. It's a hilarious scenario, further enhanced by Harry's well-meaning but extremely damaging attempts to make himself at home.

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If you and your family are animal lovers, you'll want to watch the children's film Zoo together. Set in Northern Ireland in 1941, it is loosely based on a true story of a widow who saves the life of a baby elephant during the German air raid bombings. This film takes a different spin on the real story by focusing on the zookeeper's son Tom Hall, played by Art Parkinson. He is motivated to save the baby elephant after officials order the killing of the wild animals in fear that they may escape. Hall recruits a friend and classmate to help him bring the baby elephant – named Buster in the film – to hide in a lonely widow's backyard. 

It's a touching movie highlighting a moment in history known by very few people. You'll likely be wiping away tears while you watch. 

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