Bad iPhone Flip news — reportedly delayed for a very long time

iPhone Flip foldable iPhone
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It looks like the iPhone Flip won’t be in our hands anytime soon. Apple’s first foray into the foldable market has been a long time coming, and according to one industry analyst there’s still plenty of wait left. 

Analyst Ross Young has noted in a new Display Supply Chain Consultants report that Apple's long-awaited foldable device has been delayed until at least 2025. This comes after Young previously claimed the phone could debut as early as 2023. The exact reason for this setback isn’t confirmed, but the news comes after discussions with supply chain sources. 

It’s not all bad news for Apple users hoping for a foldable device in the future. This DSCC report claims that the California-based tech giant is exploring the possibility of an additional foldable notebook style device. Young understands a new foldable MacBook could have a display of around 20 inches, and would launch its own product category rather than being shoehorned into Apple’s pre existing line up.  

Additionally, the device could also allow for 4K resolution and would offer dual functionality as notebook with a full-size, on-screen keyboard when folded before being stretched out to operate as a monitor. It all sounds pretty exciting, but the device isn't expect to launch until 2025 and possibly not until 2027, which is a bummer.

Reports suggesting that Apple is working on multiple folding devices have been doing the rounds for several months at this point. We heard rumors last September that Apple is collaborating with LG on a 7.5-inch OLED foldable display panel, and had two separate foldable smartphones in production. Which is just the tip of the Apple foldable phone rumors iceberg. 

At this point when it comes to the iPhone Flip, it’s worth taking everything with a considerable grain of salt. There have been so many claims and counterclaims over the past few years that until we hear something official from Apple it’s not advised to place too much stock in any single report. 

It does seem a near certainty that Apple is interested in exploring the foldable phone space. While Apple continues to delay its entry into the fold, the market has been cornered by rival Samsung, which most recently released the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 last year. Apple may well launch its own foldable iPhone to challenge these devices, but it's appears unlikely to be real anytime soon. 

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