7 best new movies to watch this week on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video (Dec. 1-3)

Brad Pitt as Ladybug in Bullet Train
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The holiday season is clearly here, as holiday themes dominate the top new movies to watch online this week. Yes, this list is headlined by a decidedly not-seasonal action comedy starring Brad Pitt — Bullet Train was great in theaters and I can't wait to watch it again at home — but reading this list will be a big clue that Thanksgiving Day is over.

But if anything is just as dominant as Christmas on this list, it's Netflix. The big red streaming machine has a strong week ahead, offering a fantasy-action movie where a monster spells doom, a steamy adaptation, a cheerful holiday animated adaptation and a movie where Robert Downey Jr. gets a lot of time with his dad. No, that's not a secret MCU movie where the Starks finally get some family time. We're curious if any of those movies benefitted from the Netflix Preview Club feedback.

Remember when I said there's a lot of holiday content this week? Both of the new additions to HBO Max and Prime Video fall into that category. HBO Max's offering is so meta I'm shocked it's not called The Fourth Wall, while Prime Video's movie shows why you should never try and surprise someone during the holiday season. HBO, admittedly, is about to have a slow December, and it's not alone: we're suggesting you consider canceling Disney Plus, HBO Max and Hulu this month.

Need more? Be sure to check out our list of the new movies and shows to watch from the weekend.  And next week, Disney Plus drops Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again, an animated sequel film. Oh, and have you seen the Cocaine Bear trailer? We expect the movie on Peacock in April next year.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (Netflix)

Netflix is the latest house to take on D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover, as the 1920's novel has previously been adapted into four movies and a serial TV show. Once thought of as too steamy for polite society, this sensual tale of adultery is perfect for Netflix, which loves to dish out erotic content on occasion. And, even better, it looks a lot more sensual than the likes of Sex/Life.

Emma Corrin stars as the titular Lady Chatterley, and she and Jack O’Connell (who plays estate gamekeeper Oliver Mellows), reportedly have excellent chemistry. But once Connie (the lady's given name) and her escapades with Oliver become the talk of the town, she has to choose between her boring marriage and her passionate escape.

Stream it on Netflix starting Thursday (Dec. 1)

“Sr.” (Netflix)

We're sure that some people have no idea that Robert Downey Jr. was born into the film business. So, it's a delight to meet the Robert Downey who preceded the Robert Downey who became synonymous with the MCU's Tony Stark. And we get to meet Robert Downey Sr. through his son, as the two engage with each other on camera.

The film looks like a love letter from a famous son to his iconic father, making sure everyone knows where he came from. And that includes Jr. trying to convince his dad's grandchildren to see the man's movies. It also seems like RDJr. is using this as an opportunity to better understand his father.

Stream it on Netflix starting Thursday (Dec. 1)

Troll (Netflix)

Some movies are complicated. Others, not so much. This Norwegian fantasy-action film from Roar Uthaug (Tomb Raider and The Wave) shows what happens when an explosion wakes up something you didn't even know was there. Yes, hidden in the mountains, a giant monster, with footprints larger than two cars, was slumbering. 

In order to survive, the local government has called in a paleontologist to deal with the rock monster that looks like it will be humanity's undoing. Supported by a fairly clever dialogue that shows it doesn't take itself too seriously, Troll looks like a pretty fun B-movie. 

Stream it on Netflix starting Thursday (Dec. 1)

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (Netflix) 

Parents looking to give their kids a sliver of the ol' Charles Dickens vibes dressed up as a modern animated adventure will likely hit play on Scrooge: A Christmas Carol. And they'll be rewarded with a fantastic cast — as Luke Evans plays the titular humbug, Jonathan Pryce delivers a strong performance as Jacob Marley and Olivia Colman kills it as the Ghost of Christmas Past. 

Over the top and more than a touch campy — Christmas Past's flaming head makes her look straight out of Beauty and the Beast — this is not your father's Scrooge. That said, it is very much a modern take on the original source material, enough so that kids won't scoff at it for being too dusty.

Stream it on Netflix starting Thursday (Dec. 1)

A Hollywood Christmas (HBO Max)

You think you've seen every twist on the Christmas-time romantic comedy? A Hollywood Christmas is here to say "hold my eggnog." In this flick, we meet Jessica (Jessika Van), a driven director who's trying to make her career in making Christmas movies. Or at least she was until studio exec Christopher (Josh Swickard) visits her set, and tells her that he's here to see if these movies are financially worth it. He's even got ideas for the script.

The movie goes full-meta, though, when Jessica's assistant, Reena (Anissa Borrego) is aware enough to realize that Christopher's arrival basically turned Jessica's life into a Christmas movie. Then, Jessica and Christopher better get to know each other as the former tries her best to save her project. 

Stream it on HBO Max starting Thursday (Dec. 1)

Your Christmas or Mine? (Prime Video) 

James (Asa Butterfield of Sex Education) and Hayley (Cora Kirk) are just a couple of students in love who want to spend time together this holiday season. The only problem? They each have their own Christmas they must attend. This creates another problem, as James and Hayley — behind each other's backs — decide to surprise each other at the other's family's home for Christmas.

So, yep, you guessed it: they're each stuck with each other's family for the holidays — and Hayley hadn't told her family about James. The weather looks to make things worse, as each are now stranded. Hayley's family tries to make things better for James, while his family (which has its own secret he's never told her about) is a bit detached. And it's all making these kids wonder if they're a good idea after all.

Watch on Prime Video starting Thursday (Dec. 1)

Bullet Train (Netflix)

Every Netflix subscriber who didn't pay the money to buy or rent Bullet Train when it hit video-on-demand in late September has been rewarded, as this zany action movie is finally on Netflix this Saturday. Brad Pitt stars as a hitman code-named Ladybug who's had a string of unlucky incidents.

Now, on a Tokyo bullet train, he's simply got to track down a briefcase and get off the train. Except his story is anything but simple. A series of other assassins, including one played by Bad Bunny, are in his way. Some want that briefcase, others want revenge against Ladybug. 

Then, there's Tangerine and Lemon — played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) — who also get in Ladybug's way whilst stealing every single scene they can. A surprisingly highly-ranked entry in my personal list of the best movies of 2022, Bullet Train is one to watch.

Watch on Netflix starting Saturday (Dec. 3)

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