Your iPhone has a hidden sleep timer — here's how to use it

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Did you know your iPhone had a hidden built-in sleep timer? We'll show you how to set it up. 

Watching or listening to something we enjoy can be a great way to unwind before going to sleep. Often, your favorite podcast, audiobook or YouTube channel will do such a good job at relaxing you that you fall asleep while it's on. If you're anything like me, you might also put on an audiobook deliberately to get you to fall asleep.

However, dozing off will mean you don't listen properly to all of what is going on, and will almost always result in you losing your place in, for example, an audiobook. This is obviously not great if you want to pay attention to the story, which is why many audiobook and podcasting apps have sleep timers built in. 

But what if your favorite app doesn't? And what about YouTube? That doesn't have a sleep timer. Well, luckily, your iPhone has a built-in sleep timer allowing you to set a custom time on any content. All you have to do is tweak a setting in your Clock app's timer. This is not only useful for going to sleep to, but also for setting time limits to how much content you consume while you're awake. It's little hacks like this that help make iPhones some of the best phones around.

Interested in finding out how to access your iPhone's built-in content timer? All you have to do is read on.

How to use your iPhone's built-in sleep timer

1. Open the Clock app and tap Timer.

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2. Tap When Timer Ends.

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3. Scroll down and tap Stop Playing.

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4. Start playing content.

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5. Swipe down from the top of the display to open Control Center, then tap and hold the timer widget.

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6. Set a timer length and tap Start. Alternatively, you can open the Clock app and set a timer there if you don't have the Timer widget added to Control Center.

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When the timer ends, your content will stop playing and you'll be presented with your lock screen showing that your media has stopped playing.

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