Your iPhone has a hidden analog stopwatch — here's how to turn it on

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The iPhone stopwatch function is a useful feature that has a variety of everyday applications. Naturally, it’s used by plenty of runners and fitness enthusiasts to time themselves as they race around a track or exercise route. But by learning how to change your iPhone stopwatch to analog you can actually unlock an extra feature that is pretty handy when timing your laps. 

When you switch your iPhone stopwatch from a digital appearance to an analog clock you can still record a lap with a press of a button, but you’ll also notice that your current lap is given its own distinct (blue) hand on the stopwatch. This allows you to see both the total time elapsed and the time of your current lap at a quick glance. Checking these metrics simultaneously while on the move can be tricky to do on the iPhone digital stopwatch. 

Even better, switching between a digital and analog stopwatch on iPhone takes only a single swipe. This functionality has actually been available for a few years, but if you’re unsure how to change your iPhone stopwatch to analog we’ve got an easy-to-follow walkthrough down below. 

How to change the iPhone stopwatch to analog 

  1. Open the Clock app 
  2. Select Stopwatch
  3. Swipe right on the digital stopwatch face 
  4. Use the analog stopwatch as needed  

Read on to see detailed instructions for each step.

1. Open the Clock app, this comes preinstalled on all Apple iPhones and iPads. 

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2. Once in the Clock app, select the Stopwatch tab from the bottom menu bar.

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3. The Stopwatch function is automatically set to digital. Swipe right on the stopwatch face to switch to an analog clock. 

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4. Use the analog stopwatch as required. If you want to switch back to a digital stopwatch, just swipe left on the clock face. 

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And it’s that easy. You now know how to change iPhone stopwatch to analog. This feature is definitely useful if you’d prefer to look at an actual clock when using the stopwatch. And because of its small, but appreciated, extra functionality, it can be more beneficial to use the analog stopwatch when out exercising. Remember that switching between digital and analog takes just a swipe, be sure to use the appearance that makes the most sense for you depending on the situation at hand. 

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