Which Ninja air fryer should you buy?

Ninja Foodi DualZone Air Fryer DZ701 on kitchen counter
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Ninja makes some of the best air fryers we've tested because they simply just work. You drop your food in, use their big digital buttons to set a time and temperature, and get deliciously crisp, yet tender results effortlessly. There's no need to preheat these air fryers or switch between appliances which saves a ton of time. When you're done cooking, the cleanup is as simple as running water and dish soap on the nonstick basket or pan.

It can be hard to keep up with all of the Ninja air fryers to choose from when the company releases multiple new models each year. That's where we come in. We'll show you some of the best options you can buy for different scenarios. Whether you need a compact air fryer for quickly banging out a small plate of fries for one, or a large dual-basket air fryer to feed a hungry family, you'll find our top recommendations in the guide below.

Ninja air fryer: Best for most people

Ninja Foodi DualZone Air Fryer DZ701 on kitchen counter

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If you want an everyday air fryer that's both easy to use and clean but still large enough to feed a family, this is it. Ninja's Foodi DualZone air fryer has a generous 7-quart capacity that's plenty enough to cook a whole chicken. Its basket's unique design splits into two separate 3.5-quart cook zones by placing the included silicon divider into a groove in the center of the air fryer.

You can then cook two different foods in two different ways simultaneously. For example, you can air fry a steak at 330 degrees and roast veggies at 200 degrees and use the DualZone's "Smart Cook" feature to sync both portions of your meal to finish cooking at the same time.

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Ninja air fryer: Best budget

Woman cooks food in ninja AF101 air fryer

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The Ninja AF101 is a compact 4-quart air fryer that doesn't take up much space yet can still fit up to two pounds of french fries in its single basket. It cooks quickly, is streamlined down to popping your food in then pressing its big digital buttons, and takes almost no time to clean since it consists of just a single nonstick basket.

At this price, cooking programs are limited to the four essentials; Air Fry, Roast, Reheat, and Dehydrate. This is ideal for a single person or couple however it will take a couple of cooks for larger portions.

Ninja air fryer: Best versatility

Ninja Combi makes a variety of dishes

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Combi is Ninja's all-in-one appliance that packs the most functions to cook the widest range of recipes. Its intuitive digital display lets you pick from 14 modes; Combi meals, crisp, bake, rice/pasta, sear/sauté, steam, bake, toast, pizza, slow cook, proof, sous vide, air fry, broil.

You can heat up your grains, proteins, and veggies together to make full meals faster than a traditional oven and check on each layer as it cooks by opening the door. Its XL capacity feeds up to 8 people.

Ninja air fryer: Best performance

Ninja DZ550 air fryer with Foodi thermometer in chicken

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This dual-basket Ninja Foodi Smart XL air fryer stands out from the crowd for its smart thermometer. Just select your protein, choose a doneness level, and insert this probe into your meat and the DZ550 will stop cooking it at exact ideal temperatures.

Its accuracy ensures you nail the perfect wellness on your finest cuts each time whether it's a Wagyu steak or fresh salmon. Unlike the Foodi DualZone, the DZ550's 5-quart baskets are completely separate and can't combine into one giant 10-quart space.

Ninja air fryer: Best searing

Ninja Foodi grilling steaks

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This Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill and air fryer is the best option if you love char on your food and searing your meats with crispy edges. It can fit up to six steaks or 24 hot dogs and quickly cooks frozen foods to crispy within 25 minutes.

With so much space, you can quarter-turn your meats and press them down onto the grill attachment to get those marks. Like the DZ550 above, this air fryer comes equipped with a Foodi smart thermometer to monitor your meat temperatures and stop cooking at your preset doneness. Everything from temperature to food splatter is controlled to keep smoke out of your kitchen.

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