While you wait for Civilization 7, treat yourself to Civ 6 for just $3 on Steam

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Geoff Keighley's E3-replacement Summer Game Fest kicked off this past week, bringing with it a flurry of exciting new game announcements and trailers. We got to see how gameplay feels in Ubisoft's Star Wars Outlaws, learned that acclaimed horror studio Blumhouse is making games now, and peek at a teaser trailer for Sid Meier's Civilization VII

Unfortunately, we won't be getting our hands on it anytime soon. The latest entry in Firaxis Games' long-running 4X strategy series is set to launch sometime in 2025. But in the meantime, you can snag the game that came before it, Civilization VI, on sale for $3 on Steam. That's a whopping 95% off its typical price, and among the lowest prices we've ever seen for this steller strategy game. 

Best of all, it's just one of a slew of gaming deals running right now across the PlayStation store and Steam to commemorate Summer Game Fest. Even retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are getting in on the action. So if your "to-play" list has been looking a little long these days, now's the perfect time to load up and build your library for a fraction of the price. 

Civilization VI: was $59.99 now $2.99 on Steam

Civilization VI: was $59.99 now $2.99 on Steam
“Just one more turn” is the rallying cry of Civilization VI players everywhere. In this historical turn-based strategy game, you choose one of 18 world civilizations (the Americans, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Kongo, the Romans and so forth), then lead them all the way from the Stone Age into the Space Age. You can choose to conquer your foes through military might, or lead the world in scientific achievement, or become a utopia for artists and philosophers. With a ton of customization options, Civilization VI can be as chill or demanding as you like, making it great for both newbies and veterans.

There's a reason Civilization VI tops our list of the best Steam games. For the uninitiated, the Civilization games are part of a long-running turn-based strategy series. You choose one of humanity's most influential cultures, such as the Egyptians, the Mongolians, the Spanish, etc., to guide through centuries of history — from the Stone Age to the Space Age and beyond. 

The level of choice available to players is frankly staggering. You can conquer the world through military might or opt to surpass your rivals with diplomacy and technology. This entry is also unique in that it offers a wider variety of difficulties, game lengths, and other customization options, so it’s just as appealing to strategy newbies as it is to hardened wargame grognards.

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