One of the best comedy movies ever just crashed the Prime Video top 10 — but you’ve got less than a week to watch

(L-R) Michael Cera as Evan and Jonah Hill as Seth in "Superbad" now streaming on Prime Video
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“Superbad” came along at the perfect time in my life. I was on the cusp of my teenage years when it was released in 2007, so naturally, I found this super raunchy comedy full of crude jokes to be just about the funniest movie ever made. But even now as a (slightly) more mature grown-up, it still makes me laugh every single time I rewatch it.

It’s clear that plenty of other people have a nostalgic fondness for “Superbad” too as the movie has just found its way into the Prime Video top 10 most-watched movies list ahead of popular flicks like “The Boys in the Boat” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. It currently ranks at No. 6 in the list and may rise higher over the coming days and overtake “The Idea of You” and "Mean Girls" which rank just above it. 

However, it’s not going to stick around in the top 10 for too much longer because “Superbad” is set to be removed from Prime Video at the end of the month. That means, as of writing, you’ve got just five days left to watch this comedy classic before it's retired to the great streaming service in the sky. You've got until Sunday, June 30. 

If you’ve somehow never heard of “Superbad” (were you living under a rock in the mid-2000s?), or just need a refresher on why this comedy has retained legendary status for almost two decades, here are all the details on this gut-bustlingly funny comedy. 

What is ‘Superbad’ about?

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“Superbad” is a painfully relatable coming-of-age comedy about awkward teenage crushes, attempting to grow up without totally embarrassing yourself and the never-ending quest to score liquor without being of legal drinking age (the latter is conduct I do not encourage). 

The comedy centers on two best friends, Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera), who are preparing to graduate from high school, but looking to end their school days on a memorable note. With some help from their dorky friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and a fake ID under the name “McLovin”, they hatch a plan to cut loose before college. 

However, the plan quickly goes off the rails with the pair enduring an arduous quest to get to the house party of Seth’s crush Becca (Martha MacIsaac), and face countless hilarious obstacles along the way. Also starring Seth Rogen, Bill Hader and Emma Stone (in her feature film debut), “Superbad” is stuffed with comedic talent. 

‘Superbad’ is the quintessential teen comedy

In my opinion, a great measure of a truly high-quality comedy movie is how quotable it is, and in this area “Superbad” reigns supreme. Heck, say the name “McLovin” to anybody who watched the movie and they’ll probably crack a smile. And this recurring gag is just one of many memorable lines in this very funny movie. 

One of the film’s biggest strengths is undoubtedly its cast. Hill and Cera prove to be a fantastic comedy double-act, the former is brash and loudmouthed while the latter is almost painfully awkward. Their characters are extremely different but play off each other perfectly. And the leads are just the tip of the iceberg, Rogen and Hader are great as a pair of seriously unprofessional cops, and while her role is small, Emma Stone shines.   

Like many teen comedies “Superbad” gets great mileage from cringe humor and from presenting situations that are ridiculously outlandish but have a nugget of relatability to anybody who experienced an awkward adolescence (and trust me, that’s an area where I can relate hard). Being a high schooler can be rough, and “Superbad” often reflects that in a way that's seriously funny but also earnest. 

The movie’s status as one of the best comedy movies ever is well enshrined at this point, and it’s not just me that thinks that either. It holds a strong 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is enough to earn it a “Certified Fresh” seal of approval. And it’s audience score is similarly high at 87% from more than 250,000 ratings.  

Stream ‘Superbad’ on Prime Video right now

You’ve probably seen “Superbad” already. It’s such a ubiquitous comedy that when somebody asks me to recommend a funny movie they should watch I don’t even think to mention it. However, if you’ve somehow missed the boat, or it’s just been a while since you watched, make time before it leaves Prime Video in less than a week. It really does hold up even all these years later.  

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"Superbad" is available to stream on Prime Video right now.

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